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Fort Troff is one of the Web's larger outlets for sex toys and play gear. Whether you're looking for the latest cock ring or dildo, or for more specialized gear to help you explore your newfound bondage or electro play fetish, you'll find something hot here. What makes Fort Troff stand out? Let's take a look.

Fort Troff has a wide range of products: ball stretchers, cock rings, dick extenders, cock pumps, dildos and butt plugs, electro play gear, fucking machines, jack off toys, nipple play equipment, slings, and jockstraps, just to name some of their major categories.

There are lots of sex toy stores on the web, but Fort Troff has some features that I really liked. The various product categories appear on a left-side navigation bar. I decided to take a look at their Ball Stretchers category, and Fort Troff gives me a selection of 13 of them. Right off the bat, there's a large picture and full description of each product, along with the price and an "add to cart" button. Many of the pictures rotate so I can see how these ball stretchers look on a man's cock and balls in a series of photos. The pics also feature many of your favorite gay porn performers, which is an added titillating bonus; but the site also uses amateur men with a variety of body types, too.

I settled on the Nutt Sling because not only is it a ball stretcher but it's got an added ring that pushes your balls away from your body, and this peaked my interest. There are several pictures showing men wearing the Nutt Sling, but what I liked best was the accompanying video showing a guy putting it on. Haven't you looked at a picture of some of these products and wondered, "How the hell do you use that?" The video makes it crystal clear, then proceeds to show a guy sucking on a cock and balls wearing the Nutt Sling. Perfect! No guessing here.

Each product has a review section where you can check out what other shoppers thought of various products. There's a pop-up window showing you a couple of quick reviews, but a link will take you to the full page of reviews. There were 10 reviews of the Nutt Sling and 9 of the reviewers liked it and talked about why, but I was pleased to see that Fort Troff doesn't edit out negative reviews - one shopper didn't like the product at all and explained his problem. Having said that, I did find that most of the reviews were positive with 5-star rankings, which seems unlikely; but another product I checked out had two reviews and both were negative. Lots of the products have no reviews at all, but you're free to add one of your own.

Creating an account was easy, and having an account allows you to add or remove things from your shopping cart. There is an "Ask a Question" feature where you can complete a quick form with your email address and question. And you can subscribe to an email list that will get you new product information or special sales or promos added to the site. One thing I found missing was any kind of a bookmarking or wish list feature which would have be handy to remind me of things I liked.

There are some things I had problems with or things I didn't like about Fort Troff. Many of the products have 4 or 5 photos rotating beside the product description, these didn't always rotate, but there is an "image gallery" link that opens to a new page so you can see all the pictures. Once on the checkout page, there isn't any way to remove things from your cart, to do so I had to back out of the page, then go to the "view cart" option at the top of the page and remove the items. The site does say that you can return any item you're unhappy with for an exchange or store credit, but doesn't give much more detailed information.

While Fort Troff does have a fairly good selection of products, when it comes to specialized BDSM gear I found their selection a little on the lean side giving us only 6 different collars, 4 speaders and 9 different kinds of restraints, among other things. The last thing that I didn't like about Fort Troff involves their Twitter feed. If you follow these guys, they will flood you with about 20 tweets a day with pictures of various products. I eventually stopped following them because I was tired of seeing the same pictures over and over.

As default, Fort Troff ships by regular mail and the packages cannot be tracked. I racked up five things in my shopping cart and the shipping was $15 by regular post and the checkout page said it could take up to three weeks to receive my order. They have a UPS delivery option that can be tracked, but that was going to cost $48.90. I had originally ordered only one cock ring, which was also going to cost $48.90 by UPS, so this option is good if you're ordering a lot of stuff and want it fast - nearly $50 shipping for one cock ring is prohibitively expensive.

Overall, I like the Fort Troff site. They have excellent product descriptions, lots of photos, and quite a few videos, which made me feel good that I was getting all the information I needed to buy the right product. As far as online sex gear stores go, Fort Troff is one of the better I've seen and I've reviewed a few of them, but they could do better in the specialized gear department for men who are into heavier BDSM play. A couple of things like wish lists and adding a bit more functionality to their checkout page would make this site nearly perfect. In the end, it'll boil down to whether they offer exactly what you're looking for - or whether you want to browse to check out the pics and videos of the products in use. Fort Troff does have quite a good selection of cock rings and other dick gear, dildos and butt plugs, and some products to get your kinky explorations started.

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