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Flava Men offers horny black and Latin guys, most from 19 to around 30. The men here are amateurs and semi-pro porn stars - they're a mix of slender, athletic and beefy guys, as well as some muscle hunks. There's a variety of skin tones, as there are light-skinned Latinos as well as really dark-skinned studs; you'll find rough-looking thugs, clean-cut hunks, and basically everything in between. And there is one thing most of the men here share - they're well hung, so you can expect plenty of big juicy cocks. The guys aren't shy about showing off their bodies, and there's lots of hot pictures of the models in their underwear and stripping naked.

Most of the performers here strip and pose, then stroke their big dicks in solo masturbation sessions, but there are a few hardcore duos and threesomes, as well, where you'll find guys sucking each other's dicks or getting fucked hard and deep. Whether solo or with another guy, the performers are very comfortable being naked on camera; I'm guessing that a lot of them are living out their exhibitionist fantasies by getting off on video. And, of course, some are no stranger to sex or stroking in front of the camera.

The studio behind Flava Men runs several porn sites, and you might recognize some of the models from other sites they own including Mix It Up Boy, Coco Dorm and Raw Rods, but this site is different. They offer their content in a magazine format which is based on a real print magazine.

The last time we reviewed the site two years ago, we logged 155 videos and since there's only been one update with five videos, I'm putting the total at 160. The newer videos are good amateur quality and are available in WMV and MP4 formats (the newest in MP4 only), the largest sized at 1280x720 with smaller sizes available. Older videos are available in QuickTime and WMV, and they play at 680x430 although sometimes the WMVs are sized at 1280x720. The videos are available to stream, but I couldn't play them because the site still relies on the QuickTime plugin, which was deemed unsafe for Windows back in April 2016, so I uninstalled it. When I tried streaming the videos they downloaded automatically.

Flava Men also offers 169 image sets, one for each model, which are shown at 500x750 and the guys and action are captured very well. You can browse the images by hand or sit back and enjoy them as a hands-free slideshow. Each set contains around 130 good-quality stills each on average, and you can save individual images or download entire sets in zip files for later.

Flava Men comes with some unusual extras. You can download all 30 issues of the magazine in PDF format, which enables you to view the magazine as it was published. Both the site and downloadable magazines are full of photos, interviews, model biographies, and info about parties and events. Unfortunately, the party and event info is not current anymore, but there are pics from many of them. You can also download desktop calendars of hot black and Latino guys. I appreciate all the interviews with the guys and the extensive model profiles - on the site and in the magazines - as it gives you the chance to learn something about models.

But not everything is rosy here. The biggest issue is the fact that the site has only updated twice in the past two years, and it's been a year since the last one in Spring of 2016. The older videos could use some work in size, and quality and the site could fix the issues around requiring outdated and unsafe plugins to stream the videos. Flava Men utilizes a sleazy sales tactic: On the join page, they jack up the price to $39.97, but cross it out and offer a sales price of $29.97, which seems to save you $10 and that sounds great until I tell you that the last time we reviewed the site a membership cost $14.95 – so the sale price is actually $15 higher.

The tour navigation is odd, too. The first page of the tour shows previews from a single guy, and there's no link leading to further previews of any kind. The surprise here is that if you click one of the join links, the join page has a menu on the left side of the page that includes the "Free Stuff." And that is where you'll find previews of all the editions and models. I do have one other complaint: the models are listed alphabetically, and there's no way to sort by date, rating, or popularity, although the magazines are listed by date, which does help. Still, the site navigation could be simplified, but overall the site is fun and I enjoyed some of the features.

Flava Men is a magazine-based porn site that offers videos and photo sets of hot black studs and Latinos from 19 to their early thirties. There are 30 magazines offering a total of 169 models, all with pictures and 160 with videos to download in several sizes, although streaming may present issues. While the site no longer updates, there's a decent archive of hung black guys and Latin hotties stripping and stroking, as well as a few hardcore sessions. The Flava Men tour has a free area linked from the join page with articles, website reviews and sample galleries, and you might want to start there.

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