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As close as I can figure, Feel the Wrath is the personal site of a sexy black guy named Wrath who both tops and bottoms. I can't tell you much more about Wrath because there's no bio page, so I'm going by what I've seen in his videos. This site is a hot mess, but stick with me while I try and sort it out for you because some of these amateur videos feature some big dicks, sexy guys, and lots of close-up bare fucking.

Wrath appears to be in his mid twenties; he's slender and smooth and he's wearing a lot of ink. He's also sporting pierced nipples and a stud through his navel. He's packing a big uncut dick that's very thick; he's got a hot bubble butt, and he both bottoms and tops. Sometimes he's wearing chin scruff and other times he's clean shaven, but his look changes often.

A lot the videos on Feel the Wrath start off with a description that goes something like this: "So this guy hit me up online stating that he liked what he saw, especially my ass and he wanted to taste it." It seems that Wrath finds these guys on a hook-up site and then arranges a fuck session in his home; others seem to email him after seeing his porn site. There are some known performers like Redd and Mr. Cali, but most of the guys seem to be amateurs, first-timers, and not regular porn performers at all, which can make for some hot and fun times. As for the guy above, he appears in a video called "The Head Monster" and wears an eye mask; Wrath holds the camera and films while this nameless guy sucks him off.

Most of the guys appearing on Feel the Wrath aren't comfortable showing their faces, so you'll see a few more masked men. But many of the videos are simply close-ups of cocks plunging into holes and we don't even get much sense of the guys' bodies, let alone their faces. There also isn't a lot of sucking; there's some, but more of the videos follow this POV fucking format. Most of the guys appearing with Wrath are black, but I saw one Latino butt and a white one, too. Beyond that, I can't give you much more detail about the guys except they seem to be in their twenties and in decent to good shape.

Feel the Wrath seems to have opened in October 2015, and there are 39 videos in the member area. The videos are offered as streaming MP4s, and many play at 900x506, but there were a number of other sizes, too, including 604x340 and 508x285 - honestly I just gave up measuring the videos because this site's approach is very haphazard. Many of the videos aren't as crisp as I'd prefer and the lighting varies. They're watchable, but remember, this is amateur, homemade porn, not studio quality. There's full-screen mode with a noticeable lessening in quality, and curiously most full-screen versions weren't full screen at all - only one was. There's no download option, and there are no picture galleries either.

Are there any problems with Feel the Wrath? Oh, hell yes. The site is laid out using some really "nifty" theme with giant thumbnails that move in a carousel or slider six at a time; in another section the preview pictures flip when you mouse over them and reveal descriptions underneath. Your browser back button is virtually useless as you're forced to use forward and backwards arrows to move through the inventory of videos. I can't tell you how many times I forgot and ended up somewhere I didn't want to be and had to start my navigation all over again.

This not only makes it difficult to get around, but there's no easy way for me to tell you how often the site is updating. The episodes are dated, and the site appears to be adding videos every week or so, with one skipped update, it was hard to tell because at least one of the thumbnails took me back to the join page instead of presenting me with the video's page. A couple of other videos played with sound but no picture in Chrome, although this seems to be isolated to two instances. However, those two videos wouldn't play at all in Firefox. The site was even slower on my Android tablet, it didn't appear to be fully responsive as videos were running off the side of the page, and I couldn't get the videos to play - I kept hitting the play button and nothing happened.

As I mentioned, there's no bio information about Wrath himself, just what you can cull from the descriptions or the videos themselves. Aside from being cumbersome, the site is a bit on the slow side. And just a warning for those of you offended by the N word, it pops up from time to time in the dirty talk. Finally, these are exclusive productions, but I may have seen these close-up POV sessions on another site by the same producer, it's hard to say.

There's an Ask Wrath section where you can ask questions and he'll answer in a video, but so far there are only two Q&A sessions. There's another section called VS Boyz and I honestly have no idea what it's all about, I believe it's an ad for one of those cam sites where you have to pay to see dick, but your guess is as good as mine.

Feel the Wrath gets a very mixed review. While I generally like amateur content, I'm not a huge fan of totally faceless or anonymous action, although I'm a maniac for bareback cock-in-hole close-ups. But there are some videos where we get to see the whole man. There are 39 videos, but some of you may not like the lack of downloads. The site really needs an overhaul by someone who knows how to put together a user-friendly site. But it's hard to hate Feel the Wrath because there's a lot of big black cocks, bareback fucking, and dirty talk, not to mention cum flying all over the place. All I can say is that it's not expensive to join, so you'll have to check out the tour and see if it's worth the gamble.

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