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Favorite Boys features twinks getting fucked by men, many in their thirties or late twenties, or by other twinks. The performers here are European, which means they have uncut cocks, and the twinks have smooth chests, slender bodies and range from average to very cute. Some of the tops are hairy, some are smooth, and while I couldn't tell for sure whether they're straight or not - the tour indicates some of the guys are straight of first-timers - they sure have no problem getting sucked by a guy and no hesitation in fucking his ass.

The action here includes plenty of kissing, stroking and stripping, fucking and sucking. The guys get to the sex after very brief intros. In one scene a guy in his thirties arrives bringing flowers, is let in by another performer, and they start kissing with no set-up. In another, the camera is on a twink sleeping in only his underwear; a man in his early 40s walks in, his eyes fixed on the twink's ass, and next thing you know he has his cock out and is stroking it. The twink wakes up and services that uncut dick, and things move on to the fucking from there. A couple videos I watched ended with internal cumshots with no pulling out to show the cum, so for all we know the guys in those videos didn't actually get off.

Favorite Boys offers 19 sets of videos, most in AVI format but the oldest are WMVs. I say "sets of videos" because each scene is broken into multiple clips sized at 352x288 at average to good amateur quality at their default size - I wouldn't suggest going full screen with these - and there's no full scenes available. There are no streaming versions available and also no mobile versions. I ran into a video with no sound, but for the most part the videos played smoothly with amateur sound quality. Some vids are fairly well lit while others are pretty dim.

The site also offers 24 pic sets. These are good amateur quality digital stills, all shot horizontally, and most are sharp and clear. The pics are sized at 1024x768, and most sets offer from 60 to over 100 pictures. You can browse each set as a gallery or enjoy it as a hands-free slideshow. There are links to zip files, but every time I tried to download one, I got a time-out.

Let's talk about updates. All the "recent" updates appear to be dated with a date earlier this month, but on our last two visits, the exact same updates were still the newest updates, but they had different update dates. That means that not only does the site does not update, but the dates are changed to make it appear that the site still adds new content. It's pretty obvious that the content isn't modern based on the small size, quality and format of the vids, and the fact there are no full scenes.

Favorite Boys members get access to a story collection and four bonus sites from the same network; Boys Wedding, Studs Fun, Gay Cartoon and World Gay. None of these sites update, but they do offer different niches - Studs Fun offers crossdressers with guys in hardcore action, Gay Cartoon offers horny toons, Boys Wedding features gay wedding sex and World Gay... well, that one's not very themed. There's a catch about the Bonus page here, btw - the link that leads to the list of sites doesn't work, but there's an unlinked list of the sites below, so you'll have to type each site's url into the nav bar separately and log in through their tours.

The site definitely has some issues. First, of course, is that it doesn't update. Next is that there are fake update dates on the content making it seem like the site is currently updating - but it's not. The member area is clunky and old-school, and the member home page has two flashing banner ads front and center. While the site's main payment processor (CCBill) works fine, one of the two backup processors isn't working, not a big problem since there are two of them. The videos are small, some aren't well lit; there's also no model info or scene descriptions. And last is that non-working link to the bonus sites that makes members have to type in each site's url individually.

Favorite Boys offers Euro twinks slurping on uncut cocks and getting fucked, often by somewhat older guys. There are 19 exclusive videos and 24 photo sets, but the videos are small and only available as clips. While the dates on the latest updates make it seem that the site updates, the only thing that changes is the dates - in reality, this site hasn't updated in years. Members get access to a gay story collection and four bonus sites, although these sites also don't update. While some of the twinks were cute and some of the sex was hot, this site doesn't match the tour theme, and with small videos only offered as clips, no descriptions or updates and lackluster navigation, it's not a site I feel I can recommend.

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