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Famous Dick that offers famous actors, singers, athletes, and reality show stars who have intentionally - or unintentionally - been showing off their sexy bodies, asses, or cocks. There are plenty of sexy and famous (or semi-famous) males who have been captured in all their glory. Expect a variety of celebs showing the goods including Michael Fassbender's gorgeous muscled ass, Justin Timberlake's big bulge, and Matt Bomer stripping naked. You will also find lesser-known guys who have appeared naked in Big Brother, Hotel Paradise, and other reality TV shows. In particular, the reality stars from Big Brother Brazil and Finland seem to love to show off their goods. Just think of all those "hottest male celebrities" lists that magazines often publish, add in some lesser celebs, and you'll have an idea of what to expect.

The men here aren't always fully naked. Some videos show shirtless celebs, bulges, and ass shots. And of course there are snippets from movie sex scenes. Remember Ryan Phillippe in "Little Boy Blue" or Brad Pitt in "Troy"? Quite often their partners are actresses, so there's some female nudity as well. Recent updates include the making of the Swedish Nobility Calendar, Scott Caan from "Hawaii Five-O," and a scene from Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal from "Brokeback Mountain," and I found a clip from the Sandbach Rugby Team. There are no particular types of guys, as celebrities come in all ages, shapes and sizes, but many of the guys here are under the age of 40, with fit and well-built bodies.

Famous Dick now offers 1,826 DRM-free video clips, 828 more than there were just under two and a half years ago. The scenes aren't dated, but the site promises daily updates and the numbers seems to confirm this. All the videos are offered for download in MP4, QuickTime and WMV formats, although oddly the MP4 download link claims the vids are Flash. Many of the videos are sized at 640x480, but many of the oldest are smaller (384x288), and I found some larger vids sized at 1920x1040 and 768x576. Since the videos come from different sources, are a variety of ages and have been filmed with different camera equipment, there is no default size or quality. The downloadable MP4s should play on most mobile devices.

In case you'd rather watch the videos online, you can stream them through a Flash-based player with a default size of 645x396. You can enlarge the player to full screen, but some of the videos don't fare too well when you watch them at a bigger size. The videos stream smoothly, always a plus, but I was unable to tell what format they are. Overall the videos range from decent to pretty good and most have clear sound.

The videos have some categories - Underwear, Actor, Ass Shot, Athlete, Dick, Gay Kiss, Gay Sex Scene, and Misc. These run across the video listing pages and there are also linked tags for each vid. I was disappointed to note that there are no clip descriptions, celeb biographies, nor does each movie, show, or celebrity have his/its own page like they do on similar sites, but you can search the guys and vids by name using the handy search box. Unfortunately, that leads me to an issue I ran into.

I found several name misspellings (I'm guessing they're actually typos), which means the search isn't always going to be effective. Here's a couple of examples; if you're looking for the Sandbach Rugby Team, try spelling it Sandabach, and if you're looking for Scott Caan, you'll need to spell his last name Caana for his latest udpate. This is especially a problem since, unlike most celeb sites, this one doesn't offer a list of celebrities by name, so either browsing all the videos or search are the only way to find them. And since there is no celebs by name list, I would have liked to see a Musician category.

The site does not have many other issues. The non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more for the month than the cost of the recurring membership, which should be easy enough to cancel. The site is pretty basic and does not offer any extras, but there's plenty of clips to check out. Compared to other male celebrity sites, this one has less features. There's also no way to sort the videos by most popular or highest rated, which would have been nice.

For those unfamiliar with celebrity sites, most of the videos here are short clips that focus only on the short or shortish period where there's nudity or sexiness. That means you may find clips as short as 24 seconds or over three minutes, but don't expect to find full scenes. The videos are often available at other places on the web, but it would take quite a while to create your own collection like Famous Dick has.

Famous Dick offers 1,826 video clips from movies, TV series, reality shows, and other footage in which sexy male celebrities (and semi-celebs) show off their bodies or are caught on camera, so expect plenty of bulges, dicks or asses, shirtless shots, and more. The site offers daily updates, and while there are no dates on the vids, it's grown quite a bit. Many of the recent updates seem to feature less famous actors, but overall Famous Dick offers up celebs and reality stars including guys like James Van Der Beek, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Hemsworth, not to mention Derek Theler, Aaron Davies, and Tyler French, as well as many naked or semi-naked, so should be of interest for fans of celebrity skin.

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