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Extreme Boyz features years of BDSM content, some of it filmed as far back as 2005 or before. The slave boys are mostly in their early twenties and sport smooth, slim bodies. There aren't many guys that I would call muscular, but there's a good mix of athletic physiques in the mix. The subs are first-timers who have never been trained in a dungeon before but quite a few of the guys come back for repeated punishment sessions. I saw some guys with tattoos, a few with eyebrow or lip piercings and quite a few uncut cocks.

Most of the Masters are close in age to the guys they are training, although there was one regular daddy, a grey-haired bear with a bit of a belly who appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties. And given the site's title and the tagline ("REAL Twink Bondage Since 2002"), it's no surprise that almost every scene sees these subs restrained in some way. Some of the guys are tied with rope or leather restraints, but quite a few of these sessions see the lads secured in portable wooden stockades, and a few found themselves strapped to beds or spread eagle on wooden crosses.

Ryder is a cute guy in his early twenties with a slim, smooth body and a pierced lip, and he's experiencing his first dungeon session. His dom, EmVi, looks to be a little older, but probably only by a couple of years. He's wearing rubber and has a short Mohawk or undercut. EmVi undresses Ryder, all the while sucking and biting his neck and nibbling his nipples. He restrains Ryder's hands in wooden stocks that are suspended from the ceiling, then he bites Ryder's ear and runs his nails all over the lad's body. With his arms hoisted over his head, Ryder gets his bare ass smacked, flogged, and paddled.

Micky is a cute slender guy, also about 20 years old, and he's working shirtless in his Master's garden. But he's too slow about it and needs to be taught a lesson. Like Ryder, his Master is about the same age; he's a black guy with a two-tone undercut and a slim body. Serge duct tapes Micky hands to a railing, then torments him with an ice cube, rubbing it all over his ripped body. He pulls out Micky's big meaty cock and manhandles it, rubbing it roughly, then he smacks it, squeezes and pats Micky's nuts and slaps his abs. He taps Micky's bare ass with a small garden shovel and slowly pours cold water down his back. As he sends Micky back to work, the Master says, "I'll be back in 30 minutes to check your progress."

The guys at Extreme Boyz endure all kinds of rough treatment like bondage and confinement, corporal punishment with all kinds of implements from floggers to wooden paddles, ball stretching, and CBT. They have clamps and clothes pins clipped to their bodies, there's genital bondage, mummification in plastic, hot wax, and whatever else their Masters can dream up. There's some traditional sex play, too, although not a lot of it; still, I saw guys jerking themselves off, sucking their Master's cock, and getting their asses eaten and fucked.

I've reviewed quite a few BDSM sites and many have featured young Masters in their twenties who lacked the experience to deliver an exciting training session, but the Masters at Extreme Boyz Bondage really seemed to know what they're doing. They didn't have to holler at their slaves, but were quite good at psychological torment and could make their subs quiver with just a stare, a tug on their nuts, or a pinch of their bare flesh. The daddy bear was particularly fun to watch. He had one slave restrained to a St. Andrew's cross, then after clipping clothes pins to the lad's torso, this older Master flicked them off with a flogger.

The main Extreme Boyz video section is called Dungeon and the videos are arranged by performer, which makes them very difficult to count. There are 77 guys, each having from one to 50 or more videos; I counted around 400 videos, although I might have missed one here or there. Arranging the videos by performer makes it easy to find more of your favorites, and while some had quite a large number of videos, some of the guys only had a video or two each. These videos can be downloaded in MP4 format and play at 640x360 to 1280x720 depending on the age. They're decent amateur productions, although they're not terribly crisp. You can stream the videos, too, and they range from 480x360 to 640x360, the newer videos faring best in full-screen mode.

Each of the Dungeon videos has a picture gallery of screencaps with anywhere from 25 to over 100 pics and they display at around 600x450. The pics give you a good cross section of the action in the video, and while they can be saved individually, there's no slideshow feature or downloadable zip files.

There's another section called Classics with another 65 BDSM sessions, but the videos are smaller. The WMV version downloads right away when you click it and they play around 640x360; the MP4 version streams at 320x240 (a couple didn't play properly and only had sound). Some of these are full scenes, others are multi-part sessions. There's another section called Clips with eight videos, but I couldn't play these because of a Flash player conflict.

Some of the videos are dated, others aren't. Extreme Boyz has added only 14 videos as of November, 2015 in no predictable pattern. For example, there was one update in September, two in August, nothing until May when they added three, and they added the rest between April and January. The site doesn't have any recurring membership, so that's a pretty clear indication that the site owner doesn't want complaints about irregular or slow updates. Finally, there's a lot of advertising in the members area and some of the banners are disguised as content.

I was impressed with the bondage and BDSM sessions at Extreme Boyz. Not only were most of the slave boys cute and submissive with slim, smooth bodies, but their Masters were quite skilled and didn't use excessive or brutal force simply as a way of showing off. That's not to say that some of those paddling sessions didn't hurt - they definitely did - but the Masters know how to work up slowly and gradually to the heavier stuff. And I really enjoyed the variety of action with Masters restraining their slave boys using everything from rope to wooden stocks, then they put them through all kinds of punishment. I do wish the site updated more, but with around 400 videos in the Extreme Boyz members area, you'll have plenty to watch.

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