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ExBF offers "100% real & private ExBF sex videos" that are user-submitted. The guys are mostly college or jock types; some are slender, others have athletic bodies and then there are some guys with six-pack abs who look like they spend time at the gym. Some of the ex-boyfriends are scruffy, others are clean cut, and body hair varies from guy to guy, as some are smooth and others have a little hairy patch; a fair amount of the guys have pubes, too. Most of them look like they're having fun as they shoot selfies or are caught on camera kidding around, showing off or more.

The action here is a mix of solo guys stroking their cocks and hardcore sucking and fucking. You'll see guys jerking off at their desks, on the couch, in the bathroom, some of whom can't wait to get naked for the camera, and others keep their shirts on as they get off. And the videos don't follow a formula. In one video I watched, 3 guys are on the beach in their swimming trunks. They kid around, go for a swim, then head back and shower together, all the while talking with each other and the person holding the camera. And then comes the cock sucking, stroking each others' dicks and finally fucking and spit roasting. In another video, a guy is shirtless and his pants and underwear are down around his knees. He sits by his computer and masturbates, jerking till he finally shoots all over his abs, all without saying a word.

ExBF offers 32 videos in 2 formats - MP4 and WMV - and the site no longer adds new content. The MP4s are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality or better, plus there are several smaller sizes available, some of which should be compatible with mobiles including iPhone and many Android devices. The WMVs are sized at 864x480, and they look pretty good, too. The videos are all downloadable, and for those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are streaming MP4s, as well, that are sharp and clear and stream smoothly. All the videos are DRM-free.

Every episode comes with 2 sets of pics - a set of large digital stills sized at about 2000x1399 at fairly good amateur quality and a set of pretty good looking screencaps sized at 1280x720. Both kinds of pics can be downloaded in zip files or you can just right click and save the pictures you like. The photo sets are pretty large, but they're also a bit on the repetitious side. Still, they're definitely worth checking out, and the screencaps are a great way to preview the videos.

Now let's talk about extras. Full members get access to 13 bonus sites, and some of them are good stuff. Out In Public offers public gay sex and nudity, Ungloryhole shows straight guys tricked into getting their cocks sucked by guys and Rub Him has massages with very happy endings. All the bonus sites' content is exclusive, the videos are downloadable, and some of the sites are still updating so there's new content to view.

Something I wanted to touch upon is whether or not the content at ExBF is real user-submitted ex-boyfriend content. My guess would be it isn't. The first reason I say this is that every video comes with a set of digital stills. I've seen other boyfriend and ex-boyfriend sites, ones where the video quality and size varied more, and none of the vids came with pics. This makes sense - when you're alone with your BF, there's no camera man shooting pics while the video rolls. Also none of the vids I watched had a guy talking with or flirting with the person holding the camera, which is what my friends do when their boyfriends shoot videos of them. Still, the guys feel like real amateurs, and I'd guess that at least some of the content here is amateur content shot by professional camera men.

There are some issues to be aware of. As already mentioned, the site doesn't update. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page and another on the login page. Trial memberships recur a full $20 more than the cost of a recurring monthly membership, and trial members may get limited access to the site's content and features. What appears to be 2 of the bonuses (Bait Bus and the DVD archive) are actually upsells that aren't included in your membership. And last, there's a 500 Mb daily download limit that's listed in the site terms but it says it "may" be enforced, and I downloaded well over 500 Mb.

ExBF offers up horny amateur guys, many with slender or lightly muscled bodies, as they jerk off for the camera or do some sucking and fucking with a buddy or 2. The site offers 32 downloadable, good quality videos that can also be streamed, and each episode includes a couple photo sets, as well. The catch is that the site no longer updates, but a couple of the bonus sites do, so members will have new stuff to watch. While not all the videos here appear to be actual ex-boyfriend material, the guys are hot amateurs and the action is a mix of solo jerkoff sessions and hardcore blowjobs and anal sex. I like the content a lot, and only wish there was more of it.

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