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Eurofun 2000 gives you the chance to catch up on some amateur Euro boys in solo and hardcore movies. If you like your guys to be the kind of twink you might see working at the local store with average looks, slim but nothing to write home about (with a few cuties mixed in), then these guys are going to appeal. Some are sultry looking, dark haired, dewy-eyed East Europeans, and then there are some lanky, skinny guys who look like they could do with a good meal. In other words, we're not talking your top-paid USA squeaky clean porn star twinks here, which makes for a nice change. I'm guessing from the title that the guys are European; there's no information about them in the member area, but it's pretty plain to see that they are all in the 18 to 23 age range. And of course, being European you can expect that the guys mostly have uncut cocks.

The tour talks about 'homo-erotic' and 'passion', and how we can live out our dream-boy fantasies with their content which is, they say, all made in-house and shown on the site, which is gay run. And the content is a mix of solo and hardcore photo shoots and amateur videos. There are some photo sets listed as 'softcore' where the Euro-twink strips down and gets hard, masturbates and cums; there's also the corresponding videos. There are hardcore and bareback videos, too, some taking place outdoors, on the beach; there are also some S&M videos which are a small collection of staged BDSM scenes in clips. The content therefore is as mixed as the line-up of Euro-boys who appear in it.

You'll be forgiven for thinking that this is an amateur site about amateur models and run by amateur webmasters; it has just that kind of look and feel to it. The member area runs in an old fashioned frame style; though it all works, it looks and feels like something from the early days of homemade porn websites. There is no way of filtering your content or searching, the site's not interactive, modern or snazzy. There are no gimmicks, it's just plain and honest, although not always simple. It's not that easy to pin down where everything is, but don't let the look put you off. A left list tells you what's 'new this week', for example, but this looks to be the complete set of movies and images mixed together. A link to 'Updates' shows you what is due to be added in the coming weeks. Galleries are listed in the 'Week' but also in the Site Map. I started at the top of the list and simply clicked through everything.

Eurofun 2000 offered 25 videos at the time of this review: 18 videos in the 'Week' list plus seven S&M videos in the other area. Videos are shown in a variety of formats with the recent ones being downloadable in WMV at the 'Big' size of 720x576, with a smaller version offered at 384x288. The S&M videos were in AVI format at 320x236. I had no trouble playing any of the movies once downloaded, and there is a message, with links, on the home page to tell you how to run the movies if you are a Mac user. The movies were DRM-free, and they downloaded nice and fast.

The video quality was fair to good amateur; some are fine at full screen, even the lower resolution ones, and some were pixilated. The sound is natural, but there's no talking or set-ups to the movies; often the guys just strip and jerk off, and there's a lack of atmosphere... unless you're into real amateurs, who are usually pretty quiet in front of a camera, as these guys are. Runtimes are very varied; you will find an on-the-beach blowjob scene at eight minutes and then a solo jerk off at 18, or a movie cut into clips of five minutes each that doesn't offer a full scene version. The movies I saw were all watermarked with 'Best Twink Movies', which is another site from this studio.

Sifting the movies from the galleries I found 22 photo sets listed in the 'Week' list, and then the full set of 73 solo and 104 galleries further down the page in the menu. Some of the weeks' photos appeared in the full collection, though, so I would say there is a combined total of 177 galleries to be seen. And this is where you find the strength of the site. These amateur guys are mainly well photographed with good-sized and good quality images. There are pics up to 1488x1116 in size, and others that are smaller - 483x724, for example - but the quality is still good. Images are shown in basic thumbnail pages and open up one at a time. You can save individual images but there are no zip files and no slideshows. Number of photos per galley varies from 20 to over 200.

Eurofun 2000 doesn't carry any bonuses, but there is a model index where I found 159 guys to check through here. This was actually good fun. There is no info about them apart from their names, but they are shown with face pics and those, when clicked, lead to a list of their galleries of videos, so you can use the model index as a way of finding the content.

There are a few issues to be aware of. The prices on the join page are only given in Euros, but don't worry - there are dollar amounts on the sign-up pages. None of the content was dated, but the Updates area showed that there was to be a new photo set or a new video each week. There is no information about the content or the models - no scene description, news or update information apart from the Updates page. The site is very basic - you can't stream movies, there are no HD movies or even MP4 files for mobiles. There are no search functions or filters, and the navigation could be improved. Although the tour says the content is made in house, the watermarks are from another of this company's sites, and I believe I used to own some of this content - a couple of models looked very familiar.

One last thing worth mentioning is that there are some tour claims that aren't very accurate. It says on the join page that the site offers daily updates, full unlimited access to "all 1000's movies" (there are 25 of them), "over 150.000 gay pictures" (there are about a fifth of that number on offer), and the site offers "premium quality", which I would say the content is not. Even the tour claim that says the videos are "at least 15 - 45 minutes long" isn't accurate as the shortest scene I saw was 8 minutes and didn't see any over half an hour, probably less.

There is a lot that's old fashioned about Eurofun 2000, and it's certainly not up to the standard of the day, there is also something innocently charming about it. I liked it, and I liked the fact that it was not pretentious at all. You've got regular guys, some average and some of whom I found totally cute - there were some I definitely would not kick out of bed, and others I wouldn't even let in the door, and they are shown in a very simple fashion in 25 downloadable videos and 177 photo sets, with an update once a week of either a gallery or a video. Okay, so there's no info and no interactivity, it's all very clunky and looks very basic, but it does the job, and considering it's run by amateurs, I reckon it's worthy of support. Expect to be entertained by the poor cousin rather than the master of the twink site and you'll have fun.

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