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Euro Twinks Club focuses on European guys, many with smooth, slender bodies and some with boyish faces. Most are between 18 and 26 years old, and foreskin lovers will be happy to hear that most have uncut cocks. Some of the guys on the site are very fresh-faced and cute, others are average, and there's a mix of clean-cut guys and some who are scruffy with some tattoos. And while there are plenty of twinks here, there are also performers who definitely are too mature (a number appear to be over 30), masculine or muscular to be considered twinks. I did notice some Latin performers who seemed more South American than European.

You can expect to find plenty of hardcore action here, as well as some solo jack-off sessions. A lot of the action includes guy/guy duos, as well as some threesomes, sucking and fucking, guys showering and lathering up their cocks, some kissing, performers stripping for the camera, rimming, and there's plenty of hot, messy cumshots. You'll also find some very nice outdoor sex sessions, as well as a gay for pay scene. The blowjobs here stand out, as unlike a lot of sites the guys here seem to love sucking cock and seem much more into the sucking than the camera. Out of the past 24 updates, nine are solos, one is a threesome and 14 are duos.

Euro Twinks Club offers 296 videos, 145 of which are HD. The videos are offered in MP4 format, and sizes vary. Some of the vids are offered at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality plus a smaller size of 1280x720 that will play on newer mobiles and tablets but not oldest phones. Some videos are offered at 1280x720 (also good amateur quality) plus one or two smaller sizes including one for mobiles, and some vids are only available in a single size of 768x576 at average to good amateur quality, small enough to play on most mobiles. All the videos are downloadable full scenes, and they can also be streamed; these are offered in a single player size but can be expanded to full screen. The streaming videos also have thumbs below the player that lead to different parts of the video, which can be handy.

The site also offers 418 picture sets. The pics are good amateur quality digital stills, some sized a bit on the small side at about 416x640, but many are offered larger at 1067x1600 or even 1667x2500. Overall the pictures are studio shots with good lighting, and most have a good mix of closeups and medium shots that show off the models and their cocks well. Pics can be enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, there is a downloadable zip file of each set or you can save the photos you like individually.

Full members no longer get access to a collection of feeds; these days they get access to 1,216 in the MOVE THEATER section. These are streaming videos, and quality varies but most are average, although the oldest are a bit grainier than the rest. These videos can be viewed by category including Gay Twink, Gay Bear, Gay Fucking and Gay Bareback plus 16 more.

Now let's talk about updates. On our last visit, the site was updating every other day with the right amount of growth. Although the site still lists updates as occurring every two days, there are are only 49 more videos than there were 20 months ago, a far cry from the 132 more videos we should be seeing. This means that the site is recycling updates, which means re-dating videos that are already in the site to make them appear to be new updates. If you haven't been a member before, this probably won't matter to you; if you have been, it's something to be aware of.

There are some more issues. Trial members get only limited access to the site's content and features, and trial memberships recur at $10 more per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership. When you first arrive at the site, you may get a pop-up; sometimes I did, other times I didn't. The tour promises thousands of HD videos, but the site doesn't have thousands of videos, and not all the videos are HD. Although the picture section has grown a lot, it appears that a few of the photo updates are being recycled. The member area has many ads including some for women on cam.

There's one last thing I wanted to bring up. While the tour shows only the twinks and jocks found in the member area, lot of the models don't match the theme of the site, which is Euro twinks. Many of the models are definitely above the age to be a twink, some more than 10 years too long in the tooth, and others too beefy, muscular or hairy. In fact, not only are the guys in the latest update not twinks, but one is a hung black stud and the other reminds me of Gene Simmons. Needless to say, you won't find him on the tour, as he's no twink. 

Euro Twinks Club is a bit of a mixed bag. While there are twinks, including some very cute ones, there are also some more masculine and sometimes beefier, more mature men who just plain aren't twinks. You will find plenty of uncut cocks here, in keeping with the Euro theme, and there's duos and trios sucking, rimming and fucking, as well as solo performers stripping and masturbating. The 296 videos can be downloaded, streamed or played on newer mobiles, but while the site says they update every two days, many updates are being recycled. Full members also get access to just over 1,200 bonus vids. Which makes Euro Twinks Club worth considering - just keep in mind that while the guys on the tour are found in the member area, the more mature guys from the member videos aren't found on the tour.

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