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Eric Videos is a bareback sex site produced in France and it features some of the dirtiest sucking and fucking you'll find. We've been waiting to get into this site for a long time, and I've been dying to get a look at these hot men and all those huge uncut cocks on the tour.

The men on Eric Videos are a good mix and there should be something for just about every taste. The site does some U.S. filming, but most of the production happens in Europe. The men range from 20-something lads with slender or athletic bodies to masculine men in their early thirties, many with quite well-built bodies. I saw both hairy and smooth guys, but if you like hairy men, there are a good number of them - lots of beards and face scruff, too. I didn't see many twinks or even typical jocks, but there are lots of regular dudes in their twenties.

There are plenty of Spanish guys, and France has a large Arab population, so you'll find loads of Middle Eastern men with dark hair and furry bodies, but I didn't see many black men. There are lots of big dicks, and most of the guys are uncut. The men are largely amateurs and site owner Eric appears in a lot of the earlier videos. Eric is a bottom with a voracious appetite and loves servicing big cocks. You'll also find a few porn regulars like Antonio Biaggi, Will Helm, Peto Coast, Kriss Aston, Joe Gunn and Geoffrey Paine.

The action is not just guys fucking on a bed. Eric likes filming guys in unique locations like abandoned buildings, parking lots, stairwells, parks and even subway trains. I watched one video where a man in a parked pick-up truck was getting blown, another car pulled up beside them and the newcomer joined in, then they headed to a hotel for a threeway. Another had Eric filming as he mounted stairs in an abandoned building and he "stumbled upon" three guys having sex. Eric likes this filming style where he "just happens" to find guys doing it somewhere semi-public.

And of course there's plenty of sucking and raw fucking in homelike settings with the bottom's taking loads in their asses or down their throats. A skinny bottom was riding Peto Coast's big cock and after Peto unloaded inside, the bottom pushed out his cock, then farted out his huge cum load all over Peto's still-hard dick. Like I said, this site is filthy.

Eric Videos has 185 videos that are available to stream on the site. You can watch them in six sizes from 400x224 to 1280x720. These are amateur productions that aren't filmed in studio, so the quality varies. They're mostly good with clear pictures and sound, but some of the night-time or abandoned-building scenes occasionally have lighting issues, which is to be expected given the theme. However there is one quality issue I should mention and it seems to occur only in the three larger sizes: whenever the camera man changes positions, the picture loses focus for a few of seconds. It wasn't a deal breaker for me, but I found it distracting.

There are no traditional picture galleries on the site, but each video has 8 small pictures on the page, and they enlarge to 480x270 during mouse over. You can right-click save these, but there are no slideshows or downloadable files.

Eric Videos has an erratic update schedule. I'm reviewing the site in June 2014, and so far this year there have only been 10 updates: two every month except April where there was one and there's only been one in June so far. The site did add 26 videos in 2013, so it averages two a month, but not on specific days.

Unfortunately Eric Videos has quite a few issues. First is the cost - at €49.90 for the first month, you're looking at approximately $68 US, which makes this the most expensive porn site I've ever seen. This gives you unlimited viewing, and if you stick around for the second month, the price drops to €29.90 (about $40.95 US). But the site also has a ticket system where you can purchase packages of tokens ranging from around $5 US for 4 tickets to about $54 for 100 tickets, then each video costs 4 tickets to watch.

The videos themselves have a faint digital watermark centered about an inch from the top in the frame. This encoded number is traceable to your membership and is used to prevent video sharing. The light-grey numeric code is barely noticeable on light backgrounds, but shows up over darker areas of the scene. I didn't love this, but porn is expensive to produce, so I understand a site wanting to protect their product. Still, the videos aren't downloadable, so not sure why this was necessary.

The final thing that I didn't like about the site is that I was constantly hitting the American flag to translate pages from French to English during the same visit or session. It would be nice if the site remembered my language preference.

In spite of the site's missteps, I still highly recommend Eric Videos. The men are hot and non-Europeans won't recognize most of them - new meat is always nice to see - but even European members will only know a few of the men, as most aren't porn regulars. The site is more like a horny man's cruising diary where sex not only happens at home, but in parks, storage lockers, hallways and stairwells, abandoned buildings, cars, and just about anywhere you can think of. I loved the variety of men and there were so many big dicks. I'm a foreskin hound, so I enjoyed all the uncut cocks. I'd be happier if Eric Videos fell into a regular update routine and fixed those focusing issues. But for now, I'm in piggy heaven with 185 down and dirty videos to get me off.

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