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I've been waiting for the arrival of Eric Raw for several weeks, and it's finally here. This site features the videos of French producer Eric Videos who's well known for filming some of the dirtiest sessions with sexy, hung men. Eric Raw brings the content to this new American site with English-language descriptions and makes it more easily accessible. Let's get inside and see what it offers.

Eric himself is a sexy Frenchman with a fit, smooth body and a big dick and he usually wears a beard. Eric is 39 years of age and appears in many of the videos. He started filming these because he wanted to share his sexual escapades. He's a voracious bottom, loves sucking dick and getting fucked, and he excels at both. He appears in 22 of the videos on the site, which are a mix of duos and small groups.

I love the men here. They're an eclectic mix of masculine men, some smooth and others with hairy bodies, clean shaven or not, lots of big dicks and plenty of foreskin. A lot of the men have an edgy and rough look, but there are plenty of stunningly handsome guys, too. There are lots of amateur men on the site - in fact, most are unknowns, and they come in a variety of ages and sizes from 20-something skinheads to 40-year-old daddies with salt 'n' pepper hair.

Not all of the men are fresh faces, either. I saw quite a few who I recognized like Antonio Biaggi, Derek Parker, Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Aymeric Deville, Thom Barron, Geoffrey Paine and more. The rest of the men are quite a variety of studs. Cristiano is a 25-year-old Portuguese stallion with a gym-fit body and a big uncut cock that he loves sliding into bottoms. Peto Coast is another regular top on the site who is well-known in bareback porn; he's 27 years old and usually wears face scruff. He's also hung with an uncut dick and loves smashing ass hard.

Eric loves to cruise, and so many of his videos include him and others on the hunt for sex. We see Eric being followed on the street and leading men back to his apartment to fuck. Bearded bottom Oliver heads to an abandoned factory where horny men cruise for sex, and he finds two top hunks there who take turns fucking his ass. Yo is a skater who notices three thugs following him when he gets off the train. He slips into a building and thinks that he's lost them, but the trio find him and forced feed his mouth and ass their hard dicks. It ends with Yo having to eat all three cum loads. A sexy bearded man is hitchhiking and gets picked up by three others who take him to a secluded spot and fuck his ass, and one of the other men volunteers to bottom, as well.

The men fuck in stairways, subways, abandoned warehouses, basements, alleys, and other dirty locations. But there's also lots of action happening in home settings like bedrooms and living rooms. And there's quite a bit of outdoor action, too. The men fuck in duos, threeways and small groups.

Eric Raw offers 82 videos. They're offered in MP4 format to stream only; they play at 770x434 and come in four speeds. The system will detect the best speed for your connection, but you're also able to change it if you're not happy. And good news for mobile porn lovers is that the videos played well on my phone and my tablet. The vids are good amateur productions and play well. Full-screen mode is available, and most of the videos fare quite well.

Your membership doesn't include downloads, but they are available for an extra cost. Most downloads cost around $14.95. And one last word about the videos: they are encoded with Digital Fingerprint Technology, so if you share these you can be tracked.

Each episode has a gallery of 10 screencaps that appear on the video's page, and these display at 450x253. They preview the action well but can't be enlarged. You can save each picture individually if you like.

After keeping a lookout at the updates, which are dated, it appears the site has settled into adding a new scene every 14 days, down a little from site launch. Since they've changed the update schedule, we'll keep an eye on things and see if it changes again.

Let's talk about caveats. As mentioned, downloads aren't included with your membership. I'm not a fan of sites that make us pay extra for downloads, but I'm not a video collector, either, so whether the paid downloads are a deal breaker is up to you. There was nothing else that caused me pause with this site, no glaring defects or problems. If I had to nitpick, I'd complain about their search engine, which I didn't find very useful as it only displays results where your search word appears in the video description. The word "uncut" doesn't appear in any descriptions, so it doesn't appear in the searches, and "group" got no results even though there are some group sex scenes. On the other hand, there is an Actors section that helps you find more scenes from your favorite men.

Eric Raw is off to a dirty start. I love these videos with their arousing and racy European men, and I particularly enjoyed the scenarios that get us into the sex like the three thugs following that skater and cornering in him a garage. The cruising and the hunting for sex makes these raw sex scenes all the hotter once the dicks come out. The site is new, offering 82 streaming videos, the site updates every 14 days, and it's not expensive to join. What they do have on the site is blazing hot with sexy European men sucking and fucking raw in duos, threeways, and small groups. Check it out - your cock will thank you.

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