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Edger 9 began as a vehicle for gay porn star Race Cooper. This built black stud was portrayed as a personal driver who picked up various execs or a hitchhiker (well, okay, really they're other porn stars) and provided personal services as well as driving. Those services were very personal, and included plenty of cock sucking, rimming and fucking - Mr. Cooper proved to be a talented bottom who could deliver as a top when needed - not to mention plenty of deep kissing, stroking and more hot and often interracial action. And between Race's big black dick and mouthwatering round ass, these scenes still have a lot to offer.

Somewhere along the line, things changed. The site said goodbye to Race Cooper and the theme became gritty urban reality porn. Men on the street coming together, maybe doing a little groping in a stairwell before going somewhere to swap blowjobs and do some very noisy ass pounding. And you will find some of that there, but mostly the newer scenes that have no set-up - there may be a director asking a few questions or the guys may just get down to it, and there's a certain something to that, too. Just horny men - and mostly pretty masculine men, at that - who can't get enough cock before they shoot their loads.

Edger 9 offers 51 videos in MP4 and WMV formats. The videos are DRM-free full scenes and each is also available as a smaller MP4 for mobiles. Both WMVs and MP4s are offered in HD, sized at 1280x720, and there are streaming MP4s available, as well. While I consider the videos to be fairly good to good amateur quality, the newer vids are sharper and clearer, and the MP4s look better to me than the WMVs. The mobile vids look good and played well on iPod Touch, iPhone and Android.

The site offers 8 photo sets, and for some reason these are found on the tour rather than inside the member area. The photos are screencaps sized at 1280x720, and they're pretty good quality for screencaps; while not as clear or sharp as digital stills, they do help to preview the action. There are 2 watermarks on each photo, but I didn't find them too intrusive considering. There are no downloadable zip files or slideshows, and you cannot download the pics individually.

Let's address the issues. First off, we have confirmation that the site has stopped producing videos and won't be adding any more new content. Next is the pop-up with join prices on it that appears over the tour when you first arrive at the site before you even have a chance to see what the site offers. The model index is outside the member area, although there are content links that lead back to the member area, and there is no model info - not even profiles. There are also no scene descriptions in the member area, although there are brief ones on the tour.

Edger 9 has a bit of a split personality. The older videos are themed and star black porn star Race Cooper in hot interracial action; some of the newer videos show street hookups, and then there are the recent shoots done in hotel rooms where the guys just jump right in. A lot of the action here is hot, you'll find some porn stars and regulars, and there's some black studs, hairy guys and masculine men featured in 51 videos that can be downloaded, streamed or played on your mobile. I was disappointed that the site has stopped updating, but with a mix of hunks, average guys, porn regulars and stars like Marc Williams, Wilfried Knight and Drew Cutler, you can probably find enough to download to make the site worth joining for a month, especially considering the nice low monthly price.

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