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Dylan Lucas is a site with two distinct personalities. When the site launched in spring of 2012, they seemed to be following a surfer theme featuring outdoorsy, athletic guys with smooth, muscular chests and six-pack abs. There was a fair bit of outdoor filming with some dick stroking on the beach, but usually the guys headed indoors to play around and unload their nuts, alone or with their buddies. Then the site changed direction to include some masculine, muscled and often hairy men, including some porn stars in their forties. It's been almost two years since our last visit, so it's time to log in and see what's new.

The site's motto has split to two taglines; "THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH, THE PASSION OF MEN" and  "YOUNG AND READY TO FUCK". And while there are guys in their twenties who are definitely ready to fuck, you'll also find daddies like big, hairy and bearded daddy bear Brad Kalvo, tattooed muscle daddies Dolf Dietrich and Michael Roman, mature and horny porn star D Arclyte, salt and pepper older hunk Tristan Jaxx and the list goes on. Some of these mature men have full beards, too, and there are also men in their thirties as well as the guys who are described by the mottos.

You'll also find the guys who are younger (in their twenties), although many are not particularly boyish. You'll find smooth, blond and tatted Leo Luckett, slim and smooth Tom Bentley, and super slender brunette Skyler Hart with his bedroom eyes and hungy ass. And there are the guys from the older videos. First is blond jock Seth Bonds, who was a regular, and while he hasn't filmed a scene for the site in over four years, his 22 videos are still there to enjoy. Blond and built Brady Jensen appeared in two videos including a solo at the beach and a hardcore scene. And brunette and muscular Lance Alexander appears in 20 videos, although he hasn't made a new video for the site since 2014. And there are lots more.

While the site originally had a lot of solos mixed in with sex videos, the 24 most recent updates have all been hardcore scenes with the guys sucking each other's cocks, 69-ing, jerking together, and doing plenty of serious fucking. In fact, while early on Dylan Lucas alternated between solos and action scenes, they haven't featured a masturbation-only scene since the end of 2014. You'll still find plenty guys beating off in the site's archive, but Dylan Lucas has definitely evolved into a hardcore sex site.

The scenes are mostly duos and often have uncomplicated story lines. Joseph Rough is coming home to visit his parents and hooking up with neighbor Trenton Ducati, who he crushed on as a teenager. In another scene, Chris Harder and Kaydin Bennett are joggers who found each other in a running forum online, but one day these jogging buddies become fuck buddies. In the latest video, Scott Riley and Vadim Black agree it's too cold to hit the beach so they climb into the hot tub instead. Soon the two are making out, and you can guess where it goes from there.

Dylan Lucas offers 169 exclusive, DRM-free videos, and the site contines to add two videos each month. The videos are downloadable and offered in seven options of MP4, the largest at full HD play at 1920x1080, there are 6 smaller sizes including a smaller HD version and several smaller sizes that should also work well for most mobiles. If you prefer to stream rather than download the video, there are sevenresolutions of MP4 that you can stream in a player at about 1200x676, and there's a full-screen option, too.

The site also 177 exclusive picture sets. The pics are good quality digital stills that show off the guys and the action. You can view these in galleries with the pictures sized to fit your browser. You can also save them individually or download a zip file, and the pictures here display at their full size of 1280x1920. There is a slideshow feature, as well, and the picture numbers vary from 5 to 34 per gallery in the older episodes to 30 to over 100 in the newer ones, and curiously there have been a couple sets with close to 200 pictures each, but these are screencaps, not digital stills.

Now let's talk about updates. As I already mentioned, the site is currently adding two videos per month, and it's been doing so for a while, and there are 93 more videos than there were on our last visit. That means at some point, they added some extra updates, but right now they're sticking to their twice monthly schedule. But don't worry - members get access to a network with more updates.

Dylan Lucas is part of the Pride Studios network, which offers 4,658 videos and three weekly updates. Members get access to seven bonus sites; Men Over 30 and Extra Big Dicks update weekly; Pride Studios has its own updates and adds new ones two to three times per month. The rest of the sites no longer update, but there's still a lot of content to be found; these site include Cock Virgins, High Performance Men, Circle Jerk Boys, Boyz Party.

Nothing in life is perfect, so it's not surprising that the site has a few issues. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page, which if left checked, commits you to a recurring trial at another site. Only full members get to download movies, so if you join on the trial membership, you can only stream the videos. When joining, you are automatically signed up for the email list, and you can't opt out until after you join. When hitting the back button from the join page, I got a pop-up, but it was easy to close. As mentioned, more than half the bonus sites don't update.

There's one more thing you might want to know about. You may occasionally see a pop-up on the site that asks if you'd like to receive notifications. The thing to be aware of is that these notifications may pop up in your browser at any time, and while that may not bother you, if other people have access to your computer, like a spouse or boss or roommate, you may not want them to get porn site notifications as they do a little online shopping. If that is the case, or you don't want to receive notifications, you may opt to block the notifications, which is an option on the pop-up.

Dylan Lucas offers guys ranging from athletic surfers to well-defined gym studs and muscle hunks plus those horny porn star daddies including some who are hairy and hung. The site's 169 videos can be downloaded, streamed and viewed on most mobiles; there are two updates added every month, and there are 177 picture sets, as well. Dylan Lucas has changed its mind on the theme and the types of guys it wants to highlight. I'm happy that the site has been updating regularly again, but getting access to all those network videos is the real shining star here. And if you happen to be into surfers, daddies and twinks, you'll love the variety of performers and the action here.

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