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I've been a huge fan of Dylan Rosser and his art nude photography for years from his coffee table books to his member site, The Male Form. He brings a mix of glamour and sexuality to his photos of men including amateurs, porn stars and more. Now he's got a fan site at JustForFans called DylanRosser1, and I can't wait to see what he has to offer his fans, so let's take a closer look.

Rosser has photographed men all over the world; his camera has captured models in New York, Los Angeles, Bali, Australia and Marrakech, finding beautiful men with athletic physiques to show off for his camera, but he's based in Ibiza. His photography is perfectly lit, and he captures those ripped bodies in every detail, making even first time amateurs look like professional nude models. His men pose in swimming pools, studios, in the ocean at sunset, draped on crisp white sheets. You'll find them, their cocks sometimes partially hard as they are shown naked in showers, looking out windows, and sitting on the floor, and they're always so sexy.

The men you'll find at DylanRosser1 are all of that and more. Most are in their twenties with sixpack abs and sculpted pecs, some with hard asses and others with round bubble butts. Many are well-hung, and a number have meaty, uncut cocks. Some of the models are tattooed, others aren't, and some have pubes that are mostly manscaped. Some are handsome, others are gorgeous, and still others are rugged; there are some models who might have been average guys but you might not notice because of their beautiful bodies and the way they're photographed and lit.

There are 11 videos and 73 pictures inside DylanRosser1. Most of the photos are good to studio quality, and they're also good sized - sizes range from 1020x1460 to 1090x1560. Most are standalones, but one I checked out was a small gallery of three pics. Most of the pics are solo guys posing, but three are of duos including one with two men wrestling naked in the water of a beautiful beach.

The videos are short MP4 clips in a player sized at about 1024x576. These are good quality and look good enlarged to full screen. They're streaming videos (no downloads are available) that are compatible with newer mobiles. They're also the first time I've seen video from Dylan Rosser. There's one jackoff session that runs just over a minute, and another video that explores the body of a mouthwatering muscle hunk from New York, also running over a minute. There's incredibly handsome Jess floating in the ocean, his head, round butt and sculpted back above the water, and this one runs just under half a minute, which is too bad as I could have watched him all day. And one eight second clip shows a gorgeous naked man running in place with his hands agaist the floor of Mr. Rosser's balcony.

Now let's talk about JustForFans, which is the platform where Dylan Rosser hosts his fan site. It's like Twitter as the porn stars and photographers make their own posts that you can like and comment on, and you can also follow them. The difference here is that when you follow a porn star or photographer, you pay a monthly subscription price, but it's reasonable, most running between $9.99 and $15. If you follow one of the guys here, you can also add his posts to your Twitter feed. By the way, each "tour" doesn't show much and some don't preview the videos, but since these are fan sites, chances are you already know what to expect.

Are there any negatives? Well, I'm not sure what to expect when it comes to updates; 33 of the recent pic and video updates were added four days ago. The rest were added two weeks or a little longer ago when this channel launched. As is always the case with this kind of site, there are no downloads available. There's no profiles of the models, but each video and pic does list the model's name and where his photo or video was shot. Also if you're expecting regular porn length videos or sets of galleries, you may be disappointed with the individual photos and short clips. Me, I love the quality of the pics and most of the clips, so I was pretty happy with the offering here. One last complaint is that the video of Kris from Bel Ami has no preview thumb on the video page.

DylanRosser1 on JustForFans delivers men with hot bodies and often uncut cocks showing off naked for the camera of erotic photographer Dylan Rosser. The models have gorgeous masculine physiques ranging from athletic to muscled, although no full-on bodybuilders, and they are caught perfectly, every inch of their bodies well-lit and exposed for our enjoyment. There are currently 11 video clips and 73 photos, so this isn't a large site, but if you love high-quality, professionally shot male nudes, the pics are as good as it gets. If you're looking for beautiful nude men in magazine-quality photos plus some sexy video clips, you can follow Dylan Rosser at DylanRosser1 by subscribing to his channel for $15 per month.

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