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Dungeon Bears stars a real bear couple, Hugo and Steve, who produce and star in their own homemade videos. These men are the real thing - hairy and bearded, with brawny bodies and big furry bellies. These men aren't porn stars, and they share their sex sessions and other aspects of their lives with their members. We reviewed Dungeon Bears back in April 2012, so it's time to take another look at this sexy bear couple and see what they've been up to.

First of all, Dungeon Bears is a bit of a misnomer. While they do have some BDSM type action, a lot of these scenes take place outside of their dungeon with these bears sucking and fucking in their living room, kitchen, bathtub, outside in the open air, in their shed, and various other locations. The last video called "Oh Fuck" has Steve lying in a sling in their bedroom while Hugo shoves various sized dildos up his ass, and another called "Heavy Lifting" has Hugo reclining on a workout bench in their home office doing bicep curls while his husband blows him. So when it comes to BDSM-type action, it's few and far between, although the guys do get into some sling play, dildo fucking, spanking, and other kinky things.

The Dungeon Bears really DO have a dungeon in their basement. There are restraints, a large collection of paddles, chains, and all sorts of kinky toys. And they do get into some kinkier play from time to time. They also fuck without condoms, so bareback fans will like that.

I really like the movies Hugo and Steve produced. Sometimes they suffer from lighting issues, so technically they could be better at times, but they really put some thought into the scenarios they film and I was quite impressed with some of the camera work. This isn't just your standard "throw a camera on a tripod and start sucking dick" kind of site. In one scene Hugo sits on the sofa and Steve is on his knees sucking his cock. I don't know if they use a camera man or just take lots of breaks and move the camera around, but there was a great shot from behind Steve filming and between his legs while he worked his lover's cock, and then there was some hot filming over Hugo's shoulder. Most amateur productions don't get this intricate, so I was impressed.

Dungeon Bears doesn't have a dedicated members area, so what you see on the tour is what you get; to watch a movie, you simply click the video link and log in. Back in 2012, the site had about 60 videos and they've added another 24 or so since then, bringing the total to around 84, plus there are five videos inside the vault that they describe as "too silly to see the light of day." Videos used to be available in two sizes, but this time I only found one size of streaming MP4 that played at 640x360. Older videos have been resized from the very small dimensions they had previously, but they still only play at around 544x400. The videos are good amateur quality and there's a full-screen mode that has varying results, but expect some quality loss when enlarging the videos.

Most of the videos have several preview pictures made into a collage to showcase the action in the vid, and while in most cases these aren't clickable, the newest episodes each have five small thumbs that are clickable to a larger size in the player above. These pics give you an idea of some of the key points of the scene but you can't download them.

Dungeon Bears continued updating once a month or so for a couple of years after our review in April 2012, but they haven't added a new scene since December 2014, which is disappointing because I really enjoyed watching them. Also worth mentioning is that the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more than the recurring monthly membership. There really aren't any other issues on the site except that the videos could be bigger.

Make no mistake about it - if you love watching real amateur bears, this site will turn you on. This real-life couple had a lot of fun together, and filming the videos for Dungeon Bears was more about keeping their sex life interesting and spicy than it was about producing a money-making porn site. It seems like a project that they could work on together and have fun filming, and their sense of humor really comes through. Although the site isn't all that big, I liked Dungeon Bears more than the average site. The intimacy, the humor, and the sex never feels mechanical or forced. Not only should this site get you revved up, but you're going to find yourself actually liking Hugo and Steve - I know I did. So if you like your men big and hairy, be sure and check out Dungeon Bears.

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