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Drill My Hole offers hot and often impressively well-hung gay porn stars in hardcore action. You'll find famous and handsome muscle hunks like Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Phenix Saint and Paddy O'Brian. Many are masculine with hairy chests or abs, and a number have facial hair including some with beards, although there are some men with slender to average builds and smooth bodies, as well. Some of the guys can be aggressive sexually, which brings a lot of heat to their scenes. Performers' ages range from their twenties and thirties through maybe their early forties. And because they're all experienced when it comes to sex on camera, these guys really know how to fuck - you won't find any shy amateurs here.

The action here is all hardcore, and some of the scenes explore themes like punishing a guy for stealing a bicycle "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you'll never do that again!", and when a mechanic tries to rip a customer off, he's manhandled and is the victim of some very rough sex - I'm not sure he learned his lesson, though, since he has a great time being forcefully fucked. There are other thieves who find themselves being punished roughly and definitively as they have their heads shoved down so they have no choice but to suck cock, and they take their punishment anally, as well. There are outdoor sessions, bedroom and living room scenes, and at least one takes place in and behind a garage.

Not all the sex here is punishment sex. There are some scenes that have no plot or set-up at all; one takes place at a lemonade stand, where one man simply starts feeling the other's ass, playing with it, exposing it and running his finger down the crack, and you can guess where this leads. I found an occasional scene featuring bondage. Others have narratives, like the Son of a Preacher Man videos where a cute, muscular guy gets to explore his sexuality. And there are other series videos and mainstream parodies including Gay of Thrones, each with a different theme and plenty of sucking and fucking, rimming and guys shooting their loads.

Drill My Hole now offers 720 exclusive videos, thanks to frequent updates. There are three new videos added every week, although not always on the same days. The videos are DRM-free full scenes offered in four sizes; the largest is full HD at 1920x1080, and the smallest is good for smaller screen mobiles. Quality is at least good amateur and often better, and you can stream or download the videos as you prefer. The site auto-detects your bandwidth and serves you the videos accordingly, but there are also settings on the player if you prefer other speeds. All in all, I found the video quality, sizes and options very nice, and the camera work to be professional.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are good quality digital stills sized nice and large at 1663x2495, although they're shown smaller in your browser. The sets come with all the features we like to see - downloadable zip files, time-adjustable slideshows, the ability to save individual photos and pic-to-pic navigation. The pics are mostly well-lit, show off the men to perfection and there are 25 or so pictures in each set.

When it comes to extras, full members of Drill My Hole get access to the Men.com network, which offers eight bonus sites and over 1,000 bonus videos plus more updates. Many of the videos feature gay porn stars including some of the same hunky men who appear in this site, and there are some less well-known performers, as well. All videos are exclusive, downloadable, available to stream and mobile-compatible, and they all come with picture sets, as well. Full members also get access to a good-sized DVD archive with over 6,000 scenes from more than 1,200 DVD titles.

But there are also some issues. There's a pre-selected offer on the billing page that, if left selected, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join this site. And be sure to select "No thanks, I'm not interested by this special offer" as there's a second offer on the dropdown menu. Trial members get limited access to the site's content, and when you join the site you are automatically signed up to receive emails. There's a great big animated banner ad for live cams on the top of every page. And I got poor to no results when I tried the search box, which was disappointing; there are clickable tags, however, for each video.

The first time you log in, you'll find yourself on a full page ad covered with banners and member sites to join. In order to log in, you'll need to find the link on the right side of the page that says CONTINUE TO MEN. Underneath is a check box that says "Skip this step the next time I log in". You might want to click that before continuing to the network.

And last, I found the site slightly exaggerates the number of videos, and by the way, the network's claim of 2,291 videos is true... sort of. That's because while there are 2,291 videos, some are behind-the-scenes or solos, and these don't lead to videos - they lead to a page to sign up for their VIP program. That's because it turns out that members must pay $5 extra to get access to the behind the scenes videos and other VIP stuff. It's only $5, but not everyone wants to spend extra for behind the scenes vids and all the network's solo videos.

Drill My Hole is the most updated site in the Men.com network, and it's possibly the hottest, as well. Starring masculine, well-built porn stars with big juicy cocks (and some more slender guys, as well), there's plenty of rough sex including throat fucking, ass pounding and manhandling, and a fair number of the videos features tops delivering sex as punishment for things like theft, being late or other infractions. There are 720 good quality exclusive videos available to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and each comes with a set of pictures. The site updates frequently - they usually add three videos each week - and full members get access to daily updates and over 1,000 videos plus a DVD archive. All of this is why, despite the issues, I definitely recommend Drill My Hole.

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