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There are quite a few foot fetish sites out there and Dress Sox has a very specific focus - men in over-the-calf, sheer, dark socks. And I have to say that these men look pretty sexy as they explore all kinds of different foot play and worship, but don't worry, they suck and fuck and shoot their cumloads, too. We haven't been inside Dress Sox for four years, so it's time to head back and see what's new.

Dress Sox says that they film in New York City, and except for a handful of blonds, the men are dark-haired Mediterranean types with lots of uncut cocks. The men appear to be in their twenties and early thirties and come in both smooth and hairy flavors. A few are sporting a bit of ink, but I didn't see a lot of heavily-tattooed guys. When it comes to bodies, they're a mix of slender men (some are even be a bit soft around the middle), and athletic and gym-fit physiques, but I didn't see a lot that I'd call muscle hunks. Unusual, but not uncommon, Dress Sox also allows you to contact many of the men through an email form on the site.

First and foremost, the action is focused on the men's socked feet, everything else is secondary. I was impressed with the range of activity and how much these men do with their feet. Dress Sox is definitely the site owner's labor of love. He knows what he likes and gets his models to explore his fetish. If the men themselves aren't into socks and feet, you'd never know it; they're definitely not phoning it in, and they're getting off as much as the site owner filming them.

Dress Sox goes way beyond men giving each other a foot massage. When in pairs, the men rub their socked feet all over every inch of their bodies - legs, bellies, chest and even faces - and spend lots of time rubbing their feet over their partner's cocks. I saw performers smelling socked feet or rubbing them along their faces and lips, even putting them in their mouths. Some men use the socks as cock rings, winding them around their dick and balls, others use them as blindfolds or gags. Sometimes the men cum on each other, sometimes on their socks.

I watched one guy who started getting dressed for work and got as far as his knee-high, sheer socks, his underwear and dress shirt, and then he gets excited and lies on the bed massaging his feet together. He never touched his cock much, but lots of other guys do jack off and cum. Another couple of men spent most of their time rubbing each other with their socked feet. One man lay on the floor while the other sat in a chair. There was lots of foot-and-cock action, smelling and licking of socked feet, and touching, holding, and rubbing of feet. Finally the top, who had been lying on the floor, was so worked up that he banged his buddy furiously in a chair.

There are 109 full scenes in the Dress Sox Video Arcade, and each is broken into two or three updates. The videos are offered to stream, almost all of them in QuickTime and Flash, but there are a handful of WMVs. Older QuickTime vids are shown at 320x240 and the newer ones play at 640x478. All of the Flash videos play at 720x480 and these have full-screen capability. The newer videos fare better with little loss of quality, the older Flash vids have significant quality loss at full screen. For some reason, 14 of the 109 videos are in "Archive Video" and they're mostly available in QuickTime with a handful of WMVs, and these play at 320x240 with pretty poor quality.

Oddly, the "Galleries" link leads us to six photo sets not produced by Dress Sox. But if you click on "Features" you'll find 290 large photo galleries produced by the site and each has between 75 to 200 pictures. These are probably a mix of digital still and screencaps (sometimes it's a bit hard to tell), and they range in size from 700x933 to 1900x2592. The quality varies from low to good amateur and definitely captures what I want to see - men in dress socks enjoying each other in a variety of ways.

There are a few issues with the site. It appears that it is no longer updating. None of the episodes are dated and the "Features" page says "updated 09/02/13" at the top. The site's tour says they update every ten days, but there are no more videos than there were on our last visit. The site advertises a personals section that no longer exists. Also, the "newest" 10 QuickTime videos didn't play for me, but their Flash versions did; the 10 oldest videos, which are all WMVs, also didn't play for me. Having said that, there's plenty of working video on Dress Sox to keep you entertained.

The other big problem I have with Dress Sox is that they warn that logging in too many times or exceeding certain viewing limits will get you banned for 24-hour cool-down period. And if such behavior continues, you could be banned permanently. But the site doesn't disclose what those limits are.

If Dress Sox isn't updating any longer - and I'm not completely sure they aren't - it's a shame because this is a sock lovers dream come true. This site owner stays very true to his fetish of presenting men in over-the-calf, dark dress socks. And like I said earlier, these men get into playing with each other's socked feet, rubbing them all over their bodies, faces and cocks. And even when they get down to sucking and fucking, those socks never come off. If you love the sight of a man in dark dress socks, then this site is pretty much the only game in town. Even with its missteps, it's a hot find and will give your hours of pleasure.

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