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Downlo Boys puts the focus on amateur straight guys (or guys who are straight-identified) stroking their cocks or trying sex with guys for their first times on camera. The performers here are a nice mix of types from slender to athletic to hunky. Ages vary a bit - I'd say most are in their twenties to early thirties. Some are attractive, a few are average, and there are some guys with hairy chests, armpits and unshaved pubes, although there are smooth guys, as well. And something that stood out for me is that some seemed shy while their videos were being shot while others seemed very into the experience of being naked on camera. Most of the performers are white, but there are a couple Latinos and also a few interracial scenes featuring a black stud with a nice, fat cock.

When it comes to action, there's also a nice mix. About a third of the videos are hardcore, and these show the guys exploring each others' bodies with their hands and sucking cocks like they mean it in duos, threesomes and even a hot fourgy. Then there's one scene that's a mutual jackoff session with no oral and the rest are solos. Many videos start off with the guy stripping, but at least a few start off with interviews. I notice that some of the performers seem to enjoy showing off their asses, pits and cocks, while others take some time to get comfortable. One guy wears a mask and hat so he can feel anonymous while getting off for the camera. The videos here seem to be amateur productions, which adds a more real feel to the action.

Downlo Boys currently offers 42 exclusive videos - 18 guy-on-guy and 24 solos. The downloadable videos are offered in WMV, QuickTime and AVI formats, and it seems the videos have been remastered since our last visit. The WMVs and AVIs are still sized at 640x480, but at an increased bitrate and the QuickTime vids are sized at 720x480, at a much increased bitrate. Quality is amateur to fairly good amateur, but as a result of the higher bitrates, the file sizes of the videos are much bigger. Each video can also be streamed, either at a small size on the video listing pages or you can click DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE for each video to be taken to the vid's own page. Sound quality is about what you'd expect from a consumer camcorder, and a few of the videos are louder or softer than others, so expect to have to adjust your volume.

Each video comes with a set of 8 pics. These are screencaps sized at from 640x480 to 853x480, and quality varies widely from low-amateur to actually pretty good. The pics are a great way to preview the action since they're shown to the right of the streaming player on each video page, and you can download each set in a zip file or save individual pics. While there's no slideshows here, there's a feature to zoom the pics larger, which will be lower quality but sometimes it's worth it to see the pic bigger.

The major issue here is that the site has stopped updating. The most recent update is from December of 2015 and it's currently May of 2016, so it seems the site has stopped producing new content. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for a recurring trial membership for another site if left checked. As mentioned, the videos' new bitrates have increased file size, the QuickTimes in particular; I downloaded one that was three gig and another that was two gig. That's enormous for a non-HD video. The video quality is better but not great, probably due to the dim room light and the camcorder used. And there are those navigation quirks - you must click "Download This Episode" to see descriptions and pics, and the model index is on the tour, not in the member area. Last, all the downloadable videos share the same file name, as do the zip files, so if you download several vids or zips, be sure to rename each folder or it will be overwritten.

What I like the most about Downlo Boys are the sexy, masculine amateur guys, the type of men you might see anywhere. There are a few of them with really big, juicy cocks and some are furry; I also like the very personal feel of the videos, and the action is hot. While I appreciate that the 42 videos are downloadable in 3 formats, the video quality could be better, although the vids are watchable, particularly the streaming versions. I was disappointed that the site has stopped updating, but I liked the scene descriptions. And while the downloadable videos are heavy downloads, the monthly price is pretty reasonable. And those horny amateur guys are hot enough to make Downlo Boys worth checking out.

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