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Gay porn star Dominic Pacifico has been filming in Pornland for a number of years, and while his appearances have diminished at the expense of his DJ career, he still does the odd scene and maintains his own membership site. His site has recently affiliated itself with the company that handles gay porn sites Peter Fever and Japan Boyz, so there have been quite a few changes for us to talk about. Let's get over there and see what's happening with the new site.

I don't know exactly when Dominic Pacifico got his start in gay porn, but he's been at it for a while and has filmed with all the biggest studios. He's a handsome man somewhere in his who and sports a well-defined body and an eight-inch uncut cock. He's versatile, so you'll see him topping, bottoming and getting off alone in 52 of the 124 videos on the site. As for the other videos, Pacifico goes behind the camera to direct, letting others do the sucking and fucking or - in some cases - jerking.

Joining Dominic are a variety of guys from newcomers to establish porn hunks. Dominic likes younger men in their early twenties, so you'll find him fucking guys like Ian Levine, Andy Taylor and many more twinkish types. Casey Everett is Pacifico's real-life partner; he appears a number of times on the site, and Dominic's Twitter feed confirms they're still together. You'll also find Pacifico sucking and fucking with hunkier men like Adam Russo, Christopher Daniels, JR Bronson, Tate Ryder, Landon Conrad, Jeremy Stevens and Logan Moore. And other porn stars like Kayden Gray, Dakota Wolfe, Draven, Jack Hunter and Mason Lear appear in scenes on the site.

"The Hitchhiker" features Marcus Ruhl picking up Casey Everett on the highway outside of Las Vegas. They drive out to the desert and make out on the hood of Ruhl's white sports car. In "Room Service with More Than A Smile" Dominic Pacifico requests towels delivered to his room and puts the moves on room-service attendant Joey Trydent. And in "Banged in Sneakers" Dominic fulfills Logan Moore's sneaker fetish and keeps his on while the European hunk bangs his ass in one of Moore's rare topping scenes. The action is mostly in duos, although there are a couple of threeways. There are also a couple dozen or so solo videos featuring performers stroking their cocks or playing with dildos and other sex toys. And there are several interview-type videos where Pacifico or one of the other performers discusses various aspects of their life or performing.

With the move to a new company, Dominic Pacifico.com also changes its membership options. Gone is the ticket system that allowed you to stream or download videos. Now the site offers a monthly membership that gives you unlimited streaming, but doesn't offer any downloads, not even at an extra cost.

There are 124 videos in the member area, and they are offered in MP4 format at 1380x776 if you have a large monitor (mine is 26 inches). However if your device's screen is smaller, the videos will resize to fit. There are three speeds available, and you can enlarge the videos using full-screen mode, too. However the original videos range from 640x360 to 1920x1080, so depending on your device's screen, there may be some stretching of the videos to fit the viewing area. The videos here are fair to good amateur quality, and some of them have opening sequences with dance music and look like music videos. (Pacifico is also a DJ, in case you didn't know.)

The new site has full-streaming servers, so we're now able to jump ahead easily in a video's time line, and doing so doesn't require waiting until the whole movie has downloaded; this is a big improvement. The videos played well on my Android phone and should be compatible with most mobile devices. As I mentioned earlier, downloads are no longer available. I didn't find the videos were as crisp as I like to see them, so any enlarging whether it's using full-screen mode or simply the auto detection feature to detect the best size for your monitor may have some quality loss.

There are another 110 standalone picture sets and these are digital stills or screencaps of the models and the action. They display from 669x1000 or 1500x1000, depending on the age of the session and they're good quality. You can browse the galleries using the hands-free slideshow feature or the navigation controls on the viewer to move forward and back.Each episode has a dozen screencaps taken from the video that lets you preview the action. They're average to decent quality, and they display at 1920x1080.

I don't know how often the site plans to update, but here's what I can tell you. The new version of the site has added 63 movies, but none of these are new productions. I suspect most of the additions have been short interview reels with Pacifco and others. There may be additional sex scenes added, but it's hard to tell. The site's latest scene, "Only Fans in London" with Kayden Gray and Michael Wyatt, is dated August 26, 2018, but it's not a new scene. It was actually added to the site back in April of 2018. So it appears that for now, the site may be recycling updates. It's been over six months since Dominic Pacifico has released a freshly produced update.

With the transition of the site to a new management company, there are a few other things to talk about. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but you can opt out easily enough. The site no longer offers paid downloads like it did previously; now all the scenes are streaming only. And like I mentioned, picture and video quality could be a little sharper.

There are a couple of terms that pertain to downloads, which I'll mention anyway just in case downloads suddenly become an option. There's a 40 GB daily limit and you can't used automated downloaders that do five videos simultaneously; infringing on either policy will require you to contact customer service to get your account reset.

Dominic Pacifico gets a mixed review from me. The site has moved around a number of times since it first launched about four years ago. And while the new site has doubled in size from 61 to 124 videos, most of these new additions are short interviews reels of Pacifico or other porn stars or behind-the-scenes videos. A big plus is that the site now uses full-streaming servers which makes watching the videos easier and more enjoyable, but the site no longer offers downloads. There's a good mix of solos and hardcore action in duos with a couple of threeways in the mix. Dominic Pacifico's fans will be happy to see he still has a web presence, but like me, they'll be hankering for new content.

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