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JustFor.Fans is a brand new idea and network that fans will be excited about. We're used to the typical membership site produced by a studio or porn site that usually releases a new scene every week or so. JustFor.Fans is different because it puts the porn star in the driver's seat, not only starring in their own scenes, but producing them as well and connecting with fans on a more intimate level. These are real amateur sessions where we get to see what porn stars get up to when they're off the clock.

Ex-porn star and producer Dominic Ford has created the JustFor.Fans network. He's had considerable experience in front of the camera, but for most of the last decade he's been working behind the scenes filming and producing his eponymous membership site, DominicFord.com. He's already signed up a number of gay porn stars on his JustFor.Fans network, but we thought it would be appropriate to begin our review with Dominic Ford's channel.

Think about JustFor.Fans as a sort of Twitter feed for porn; in fact, you can sign into the network using your Twitter account. And if you don't have one, no problem - they'll create one for you. Once you log in, you're presented with a number of porn stars who already have there own channels. Or you can just browse without a Twitter account. And if you see a channel that you like, you check out their feed and follow them. In the case of Dominic Ford, it'll cost you $9.99 for follow his feed for a month.

In his own words, Ford says "When the real cameras are off I audition potential new models, fuck porn stars and hook up with super hot guys". He posts these home movies on his feed and you get closeup action, and he's right - it's often like you're right there in the bed with him and the guy he's fucking.

So let's look at the latest posts in Dominic Ford's feed, which is his private channel, different from Dominic Ford Productions, which is another feed for his membership site. The first video is a 17-second preview clip of Ford fucking Drake Rogers, a ripped cutie who has just started in gay porn. Next is a close-up picture of Drake sucking Dominic's cock, then another picture of Dominic and his Sunday afternoon fuck date. Next up is a two-minute cell phone video of Dominic jerking his cock; he had just fucked around with a model on camera and was still horny. Another video follows of Dominic lying back on his bed filming down his body as he strokes his dick and it has the caption "Someone needs to sit on me". Various other pics of Dominic Ford follow, then there's a 14-minute video of him fucking Tigger Redd. Then there's another 13 minute video of Ford fucking a cute otter, but he doesn't give the guy's name.

So there are 22 videos on Dominic Ford's feed, and while the first couple were quite short, deeper in Ford's channel there are a lot of videos in the 10 to 17 minute range. These are homemade videos, some shot with cell phones and others with a handheld camera, and most of the filming is point-of-view style, more frequently called POV, meaning that someone in the scene - Dominic, in this case - is holding the camera and filming the guy who is sucking his cock. Obviously the videos play on cell phones, but I also watched them on my desktop computer on my 26 inch monitor. Some of the videos played as large as 1230x662, but there were smaller ones, too, and when watching them on a cell phone, they fit your device's window.

You can sort the feed using two extra tabs, one to see photos only, the other gives you videos only, and the third tab of course is a mixture of both. And by the way, there's no way to save the pictures and the videos only stream on the site, so you can't save them either. You can comment on any of the posts in the feed, so if you like a picture or video, tell Dominic so he can post more of what you like. And that's really the best part of JustFor.Fans is that you get to interact with the porn star in a more intimate way.

One of Dominic's posts got me particularly revved up: "Damn. I woke up so hard and horny. Anyone in the Tampa/St. Pete area?", and the picture features a close-up of Dominic's hard cock. It had me wondering if I had been in Tampa, would he have invited me over to take care of his cock? What a fantasy come true! I would certainly have gotten very turned on crawling all over this hairy muscle hunk and taking care of his dick.

Dominic adds something to his channel every couple of days, sometimes several things on the same day. He only started his feed on February 14, 2018 and he's already got 42 pics and 22 videos, so he's quite active. As well, there's a chat feature where you can talk with the performer, in this case Dominic Ford, but there's no information about availability or best times, so you'll just have to hit the chat button and type something.

If you're looking for studio-quality porn with multiple camera angles, story lines and choreographed fuck scenes, then JustFor.Fans is not for you. But if you're into homemade videos, selfies, and an intimate look into the private sex lives of porn stars, then JustFor.Fans is exactly what you're looking for. The network is just getting off the ground, but it already has 47 porn stars with their own feeds including Dominic Ford's. Each one is different and offers fans a close-up at their favorite porn stars and the pics and videos they film just for their fans. Get ready, boys, this is the wave of the future, and and this network had already quadrupled in size since I first looked at it a week ago. And finally, the link on this review will let you explore the whole network, not just Dominic Ford's feed, so take a look what's on offer and you'll be able to join any of the porn stars in their private feeds. I'm sure you're going to love it - I sure did.

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