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If you like porn stars, Dominic Ford is packed with them. Ford was a performer himself years ago, but after a time he started his own production company and eponymous membership site. He's also well known for his foray into 3D porn production and his reality porn show called "So You Think You Can Fuck". We haven't reviewed the site for three years, so we have some catching up to do.

Dominic Ford features lots of A-list porn stars like Trenton Ducati, Logan Moore, Billy Santoro, Sean Duran, Angel Rock, Theo Ford and lots of other big-name stars from across the years. There are also lots of lesser-known guys getting their careers established or regular performers from other smaller sites. There are lots of European guys in videos produced by a third party, but more about that later.

The guys range from their early twenties to their thirties and sport a variety of physiques from slim and athletic to muscular. Even the slender guys have some nice definition, but the more muscular are masculine hunks with rolling shoulders, bulging biceps, carved pecs and ripped abs. You'll find a good mix of smooth men and hairy, tattooed or not, and most performers are Caucasian, but there are a few black guys, too.

The action mainly happens indoors in well-appointed homes and suites, with guys sucking and fucking (with condoms) in duos, but there are threeways and the odd fourgy. There's the occasional solo masturbation scene as well.

As an example, the newest video is a part of a series called "Fire Island", and it features Sean Duran applying for a house boy job with Hans Berlin. Rather than bring Duran out to Fire Island, Berlin asks a friend in the city to audition the masseur to see if he's any good. After getting his back rubbed, Cameron Kincade flips over and he's sporting a hard-on. Sean doesn't even ask, he wraps his fist around Cameron's cock, then swallows it. After blowing each other, they move to the couch where Cameron rims and fucks the masseur doggy style, then they finish fucking and cumming on the floor. I guess Duran got the job because Cameron shoots a very big load.

There are 330 videos at Dominic Ford. The newest are downloadable MP4s offered in two sizes - 1920x1012 and 1024x540 - and the latest productions also have a very large movie that will only play on a 4K TV. When you attempt to download these, a pop-up window warns you that you must have a 4K television so you don't waste your time. I don't, so I didn't bother downloading any of these, which take 30 minutes to save. Older movies come in QuickTime format at good amateur quality or better and play at 480x270 and 960x540. You can stream the videos in a player at 960x506 (newer) or 960x540 (older)

The site used to produce movies in 3D, so you'd get the glasses in the mail when you joined, but Dominic Ford is no longer producing 3D movies. They are still available on the site (you can watch them in regular mode, too, which is called 2D) and you can purchase 3D glasses on the site, as well. However since I don't have glasses, I can't tell you much about those movies, but in our last review we said: "The 3D videos and pics really do pop and the models seem like they're right in front of you. After a minute of adjusting to the glasses, you really get into the action - those hard cocks look like they're close enough to suck, and fucking is like you're between the guy's legs."

Each video has a photo gallery, a mix of 50+ digital stills and screen grabs in thumbnail galleries but there are no hands-free slideshows. Older photos are small at 400x600 and new photos are a good-sized 960x1280, but pics are scaled to fit your browser window. If you save individual pics or download the zip files, you'll get full-sized versions.

The site updates weekly, but there are a couple of caveats. First, Dominic Ford alternates between its own productions and ones that appear to be filmed in Europe by a third party; some of these videos are exclusive to the site and some aren't. The site's own videos are better quality and feature more well-known porn hunks while the others are still pretty good quality but feature lesser-known or unknown performers. Second, when Dominic Ford is producing "So You Think You Can Fuck", members will only see weekly videos from the series; Dominic Ford itself takes a production break.

"So You Think You Can Fuck" is hosted by handsome bodybuilder Matthew Rush and follows standard reality television format like Big Brother with contestants competing in challenges ranging from best stripping performance or best pool-sex scene, and there are lots of other twists and turns. Each episode whittles down the number of guys until there's one left and you help by voting. It's a fun series and available exclusively on the site. Season five ran through April to June 2015 and featured Billy Santoro, Seth Santoro, Theo Ford, Logan Moore, Dylan Knight, and Brandon Wilde.

My biggest complaint about Dominic Ford is their aggressive advertising for their live cams. Each page of 9 videos has a scene thumbnail that is actually an animated ad for the cams and these aren't included in your membership. There's another animated ad on the top and bottom of every page. Also important to note is that this site has a daily download limit of 8 videos for monthly members, 10 for quarterly and 15 downloads per day allowed for yearly members. Please note that members DO get unlimited streaming. Another minor issue is those 4K movies are only available for the newest Dominic Ford productions and not the European releases; as well, these latter videos are often only available in one size instead of two.

There were a couple of features that I rather liked about Dominic Ford: the video timelines that make it easier to jump ahead to key points in the action; as well, the one-click downloads were great and didn't require me to right-click and select "save as" every time I wanted to save a video.

Dominic Ford is a solid site with 330 good quality videos and weekly updates. I enjoyed flipping through the back catalog of videos and seeing porn stars that I had forgotten about or hadn't seen for ages. These days the site is mixing it up with your favorite porn hunks as well as a mix of both fresh and familiar faces from Europe, and of course, "So You Think You Can Fuck" is always a lot of fun. Dominic Ford has some nice features, it's well-organized, the content is hot, and the site is generally easy to get around and find everything.

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