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Domi Addict is a new site that takes us into the dark world of rough and dirty sex. These European guys like to play nasty, so let's get started.

The guys on Domi Addict like to be dominated and humiliated, and the site films in France, so you'll find lots of French guys here, but other Europeans as well. In their twenties and early thirties, the performers are sporting lean and athletic bodies, some a little more muscular than others. There's a mix of smooth and hairy, tattooed and clean, and some of the guys are wearing face scruff. And they're European, so most of them have uncut cocks. There's lots of denim, but there's fetish and leather gear, as well.

Domi Addict categorizes its videos into several different sections: dog training, humiliation, rough sex, piss play, gang bangs, corporal punishment and BDSM. These hungry cock sluts have stiff dicks rammed down their throats and up their asses with lots of begging and dirty talk. Guys with dog tails shoved up their asses grovel at the shoes of their masters and get their asses beaten before having their holes used. Some of the subs are tied up and beaten, others get pissed on, others worship bare feet or lick sneakers and boots. It you like watching rough and nasty sex, this site has a good and varied offering of dirty play sessions.

Domi Addict takes its scenes from five different DVDs, but the site is a part of a 10-theatre network run by Citebeur. The sites use a ticket system rather than a monthly membership, and once you buy a package of tickets, you can use them on any of the sites in the network that features 5,000 videos.

Domi Addict itself opened with 30 different scenes but have added 6 more scenes since launch. You can stream the videos, and they play at 660x330 and usually cost 4 tickets each, or you can download them for around 6 tickets and these play at 960x544. Other videos in the network play at different sizes from 850x480 to 640x480. The videos are good amateur quality, but keep in mind that many are filmed in warehouses, basements, dark apartments or dungeon playrooms, so the lighting will vary.

There are no picture galleries on the site, although each scene has five screen grabs from the video that give you an idea of the action.

One thing that I didn't like about Domi Addict is that the performers speak French and there are no subtitles. For me, a big part of the turn-on in watching a BDSM flick is the dirty talk or the orders the masters are barking out. At the same time, not knowing exactly what the guys are saying could heighten the excitement for some. Also, there's already one fetish sex theater in this network, so I'm not sure why they needed another one, and indeed all of the Domi Addict videos appear to be available on this other theater. And I found the downloading of videos was a little on the slow side, but not prohibitively so.

As I mentioned earlier, Domi Addict is a pay-per-view site where you purchase ticket packages ranging from 5 to 100 tickets and those packages cost between $5.00 to $50.00. Watching the videos online costs four tickets and downloading them costs six tickets. The tickets don't expire; you can use them on all 10 theaters, and there are discounts for higher ticket packages.

The site itself has added 6 videos in the past month, and they say that the network adds 15 new videos a week, but these aren't dated so there's no way to verify this. But since your tickets don't expires, this probably isn't a huge issue.

I do like kinky and fetish play, and while with 36 videos Domi Addict doesn't have a huge offering of videos, what they do have is definitely down and dirty, and I was happy to see the site updating in their first month. And for members who want more, there are heaps of other nasty videos in the site's brother theater, Dark Cruising. I did like that I'm only paying for what I want to watch or download, and that the downloads are DRM-free. With plenty of gang bangs, corporal punishment, BDSM and humiliation, dog training and puppy play, lots of piss action, foot worship, and rough sex, Domi Addict should get your inner pig revved up and oinking.

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