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Doggy Boys has been around for a while, but we never got around to reviewing it. I'm not sure what a doggy boy is, but judging by the line-up of cute twinks and fresh-faced boys, I'm thinking that the theme is guys who are cute as a puppy. But whatever it might mean, this site definitely has no puppy play with masks and dog collars. Doggy Boys is one of three sites produced by this company, and they all feature Eastern Europeans twinks ranging from 18 to 21 years of age. So let's get inside and see what this site is all about.

As I said, the guys here are cute Eastern Europeans twinks, and they're sporting smooth, slim bodies with trimmed or shaved pubes. While there is the odd guy with some ink, most don't have tattoos. They do, however, mostly have foreksin. A very few have a bit more of a defined physique, but most of the guys are slim, and there's a large number of blonds. Each guy has a profile page and some of these have a description detailing his background, sexual likes and pasttimes or hobbies, but some only have a section detailing his stats - age, height, weight, hair and eye color, and dick size, as well as his sexual orientation. The profiles don't tell us where the guys are from, but I believe they're Czech or Russian.

There are far more solos than hardcore scenes, so let's start there. The solo videos feature the twinks playing with their cocks and sometimes pleasuring their butt holes with dildos. Lucho Cordell is a 19 year old blond, and in one shoot he's lying on his bed in a t-shirt, shorts and socks. He takes off his white socks and flexes and rubs each foot for the camera, then he kneels on the bed and peels off his shirt, then his shorts. He teases us, sitting back in his underwear with his long legs spread wide and rubs his crotch and body. By the time he pulls out his cock, it's rock hard, uncut and deliciously thick. He dildo-fucks his smooth hole in a couple of positions and finally ends up on his back and jizzes all over his smooth belly.

Lucho has five action videos, too, so let's stick with him. In his latest video he's hanging out with Josef Moravec, another 19-year-old twink with dark hair. The guys have just watched a movie and Josef asks if Lucho has anything to eat. He brings them each  a banana. "What a small banana you have", Josef says. When Lucho questions him, Josef says that he's seen bigger ones. "I'll show you," he says and pulls out his stiff cock. The boys measure their dicks and Josef does have the bigger one. The boys blow each other, then sit back against the sofa with their legs tangled together, Lucho with his arm around Josef. The blond cums first and squirts onto his belly and some hits Josef's arm, too. Seconds later, Josef's dick explodes sailing cum right up onto his face, his chin, his neck, and finally, down his chest.

There's anal sex, too, and it's almost all bareback fucking, although there are nine scenes in the network with condoms. There are two threeways, the rest of the scenes feature guys sucking and fucking in duos. And the action takes place in home settings, mostly bedrooms, but some living room sex, too.

There are 97 exclusive, DRM-free videos at Doggy Boys in MP4 format. The newer scenes are good quality and can be downloaded in three sizes at 854x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Older scenes come in at 720x576; they're average quality, still okay to watch but not as crisp. Good news is that the smaller new vids and the single size of older vid are mobile-compatible with all but the oldest phones. You can also stream the videos, and again, newer ones play at 1244x700 at three speeds including a full-HD version, and these play quite well on full-streaming servers so you can jump ahead easily. The older scenes come in one size 876x700 at only one speed. There's a full-screen option and the highest quality speeds play best here.

There are  also151 picture galleries, and these are a mix of digital photo sets of models, some of who don't appear in videos, and action sets of good quality screencaps that come with the videos, although I didn't check all 97 of them. The newer pics display at 1280x853 and older ones at 772x1156. All the photos display in a viewer with a slideshow feature, and you can browse the pictures individually using forward and back controls. Most sets seem to have around 100 pictures, more or less. And just a note that if you're saving pictures individually they all have the same name, so you'll want to check that your system is changing the file name, as Windows 10 does, or you'll want to change the name yourself for each pic you download - otherwise you'll overwrite the previous picture.

When you log into Doggy Boys you'll land in the member area for a network of three sites, and you get access to them all. Initially all of the videos are mixed together, but you have the ability to sort them by site. As well, there's a good category section that lets you zero in on specific types of guys like blonds or boys with big dicks or certain types of action like rimming or cum eating. Each video also has a series of tags that help you find more of what you like, and of course, each model's profile page highlights all of his videos.

Doggy Boys itself updates three or four times every month, but not on the same day of the week. As well, the other two sites are updating, so you'll end up with around eight or nine new videos every month. Incidentally, all three sites feature the same types of guys and action, so I'm not really sure why there are three sites instead of one bigger one.

Are there any problems here? Trial memberships only allow you to stream the videos in low quality; if you want high-quality streaming or downloads you'll have to upgrade to a full membership. But I have to give Doggy Boys two thumbs up because they note any membership restrictions right beside each pricing option, they're not buried in a footnote or in the terms and conditions. And the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more than the recurring version. I did find that I had to continually re-sort the videos as I moved around so I was only the Doggy Boys content, but this was easy enough to do. I did find the videos slow to download. I had queued up four and the largest video took about 45 minutes to download, the others were quicker though.

I liked Doggy Boys. These European twinks are cute and fresh with smooth, slender bodies and lots of big uncut dicks. The action is hot, and although there's many more masturbation scenes, the hardcore is all bareback, and there's more hardcore to be found in the network. Doggy Boys offers 97 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and the site updates three or four times a month - the entire network adds new videos a couple of times a week. I found the guys cute and playful and if you like Euro twinks, I think you'll have a hot time here.

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