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Divine Bitches is definitely something a little different - submissive men taunted, teased and tormented by some very demanding fem doms. I wasn't sure what to expect here, but it turns out that watching women dominate men is a new kinky turn-on of mine, so join me while I tell you all about this site.

Divine Bitches is about men serving female dominants - men exploring their limits and domination fantasies - so there isn't a particular type of man here. In fact, you'll find gay and straight men ranging throughout their 20s to 30s, maybe a little older, and most of the men I saw were in decent to good shape and some quite muscular. I recognized many favorite gay performers: Marcus Ruhl, Connor Maguire, Mike De Marko, Brock Avery, Kip Johnson and Sebastian Keys, and there are many regulars from straight porn as well.

The women are as varied as you can imagine: blondes, brunettes and redheads; there are Caucasian, Latina, Asian and black women. Some are slender and others curvy with breasts in all shapes and sizes. And they wear a variety of outfits from traditional leather dominatrix gear to lingerie or office attire and other costumes, whatever the scene calls for.

So what happens here? Whatever these bitches want. I watched a scene where the Divine Bitches Corporation was hired to punish three executives caught pilfering the stock holders' coffers. The three men sit in their suits and get balled out and insulted by Mistress Aiden Starr. Ordered to strip, one slowpoke gets zapped repeatedly. Aiden even gives him shit for leaving his socks on. "Nobody likes black socks in porn!" And she zaps him. Two of the men are attached to each other with nipple clamps on their tongues, later the Mistress runs the clamps from one man's nipples to the other's balls and forces them to rub their cocks together.

The men are beaten with canes for just about any infraction. Two of them line up ass to ass and the third man is ordered to insert a double-headed dildo between them. The Mistress jerks off one guy with a Fleshjack, then upturns it over another's face until the cum slides onto him. When one of the men can't even get hard, Aiden points at his cock and says, "Why is this all dead like that?" and then she punches his flaccid penis.

These scenes play out in dungeons, playrooms, garages, class rooms and in a variety of home settings. Sometimes the men are restrained, sometimes not. Often these submissives get fucked with strap-ons, and not only the gay men - if she wants to fuck you, it's going to happen unless you start screaming "Purple pineapples". The fem doms use all kinds of toys and equipment, whatever they need to get the job done. And while most of these sessions are duos, there are quite a few group scenes with one to two fem doms handling one or more men.

Divine Bitches offers 281 videos. You can download them in five sizes of MP4: 480x270, 640x360 (this is used for two sizes - mobile and medium - although sometimes they substitute one that's 512x288), 960x540 and 1280x720. These are full scenes, but you also have the option to download them as clips: two are in WMV format and play at 960x540 and 1280x720 and the third is an MP4 that plays back at 1280x720. You can also stream the videos in an embedded player at 720x406 and you can choose from four speeds from low to HD;d each gives you increasingly better quality. The video quality is good, although I found the downloadable versions were more crisp than the streaming ones. The sound is good so you can hear these men answer their Mistresses as well as grovel and scream.

Each of these shoots comes with a gallery of screencaps that are available in two sizes at 533x800 and 800x1200. You can view them in thumbnail galleries, save the pictures one at time or download either size in zip files. There is no slideshow feature, and while you can view the pics one at a time, you can't move from pic to pic.

Divine Bitches updates every Wednesday with a new session, and you also get access to Men in Pain, which is another site where fem doms plays with and torment their male submissives, although this bonus site no longer updates.

Any negatives about the site are really quite small. There's an email sign-up box on the join page that is pre-checked, so if you leave that checked you'll be added to Kink's email list, which they promise will get you legitimate offers and updates and not spam. And I do wish Divine Bitches had a picture slideshow of some kind.

I enjoyed Divine Bitches and discovered that I have a bit of a fetish for watching women dominate men. It was fun seeing some of my favorite gay porn performers submitting to these fem doms, and it was even more exciting watching a couple of straight men being ordered to rub their genitals together. I found the scenarios creative with lots of variety and the dominatrixes have different styles of making these men submit. The sessions are titillating, as well as believable. There's over 300 hours of viewing in a library of 281 videos, and there's the other nearly 400 videos on the bonus site. And now that my review is done, I'm going to watch a pregnant housewife beat her milkman on the kitchen floor.

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