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"My name is Tom and I am a Dirty Scout." It sounds like a guy introducing himself at a weird 12-step meeting, but Dirty Scout is a new porn site featuring some horny goings-on at a private employment agency. The job market is tough in the Czech Republic, explains the site, especially for young men in their early twenties with little work experience. Some of them end up at Tom's agency hoping that he can help them secure a job. He certainly can, and a lot more.

The guys at Dirty Scout are billed as real amateur guys, and they might be, although I have seen a couple of them on other Eastern European sites. They're largely Czech, so they're sporting uncut cocks, and they're in the early to mid-twenties. They're a clean-cut lot with mostly smooth faces and slim bodies, although a few have a bit of hair on their bellies or a small furry patch on their chest. They're blonds and brunettes mostly, and only one guy had some face scruff and another wears glasses. Some are very cute, others handsome, and a few are average looking.

The guys don't have names and are referred to by their scene number. A cute lad enters the office in Dirty Scout 5. Tom says in the description that he thinks this guy is gay, but it turns out when Tomas drops the bomb, DS5 hightails it out of there. The second guy arrives and he's good-looking and scruffy-faced, and Tom begins the interview anew. DS5 is happy when Tom tells him about this great paying job with good hours and weekends off. But then Tom tells him about the 5,000 Koruna agency fee that has to be paid before DS5 can begin his job. "You'll easily earn it back on your first paycheck," Tomas offers. The guy has no money and can't pay it. And after some dickering: "I'll waive the fee, but you have to get naked for me."

Dirty Scout 5 is shocked, he even calls Tomas a dirty pervert, but he takes off his clothes. Then Tomas offers him 100 Crowns for each centimeter of hard cock he can produce. The guy tries but can only get his dick semi-hard, which amounts to 1,200 Crowns. Tomas offers DS5 more money to blow him, but the guy refuses. He feels dejected and puts his clothes back on, but Tomas says he'll get the job anyway.

Dirty Scout 30 goes much better. Not only is the guy sporting fashion model good looks, but he's willing to blow Tomas for some extra cash. And for another 14,000 Crowns, DS30 lies back on the desk and takes the agency man's big raw cock up his ass. DS30 also splashes a massive load of cum all over himself in the process. So you can see the action varies depending on the guy: some get naked, others jack off, many suck dick and get cummy facials, and a few get fucked. Regardless of what happens, my favorite part is when Tomas measures their cocks for their bonus pay.

Dirty Scout now offers 99 exclusive videos thanks to weekly updates. The videos are available in MP4 format; the downloadable videos are actually sized at 640x360 but they opened for two of us at a larger size, and I had no problem playing them at full-screen mode, which rendered them at 1680x940 with pretty good picture quality. You can stream the videos as well, and they play at 940x526 and also looked pretty good at both their original size and at full screen. The vids are DRM-free, and while the streaming videos wouldn't play on any of my mobiles, I had no problem playing the downloadable videos on my phone and iPod.

Each video comes with a set of pictures with about 24 to 28 screencaps per gallery. You can browse them one by one or use the slideshow feature. They give a nice preview of the action, showing key moments from both the interview and the sex with some hot cock-in-hole close-ups. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip file available. And one feature I've never seen before: you can turn the gallery on and off with the click of a button; the default is "on" but if you'd prefer it not even be there, just click the "off" button and it disappears.

Your membership gets you access to two bonus sites with similar themes. Czech Hunter approaches guys on the street and offers them cash for various things from flashing their cocks to full-on sucking and fucking. Debt Dandy is a loan shark visiting guys in their homes and offering them financial aid if they're willing to do the loan shark's kinky bidding. There are 627 videos in total including the 99 from Dirty Scout, and each site updates weekly.

There aren't any deal breakers here, but there are a few of things I should mention. First off, while the downloadable videos are mobile compatible, the streaming versions are not. Also, disappointingly, the guys don't have any profiles, although there is some information about them in the scene description. But I really wish the site would give the guys names, even if they're made up. And while not an issue, we don't see much of Tomas, just his big uncut cock or glimpses of his body while he's getting serviced; if he is in the full frame his face is blurred out.

I like Dirty Scout a lot. I enjoyed the job interviews and the lead-ups to Tomas dropping the bomb about the 5,000 Crown agency fee. Then the back and forth negotiations are fun to watch with some guys squirming with uneasiness and others standing steadfast until they get their price. Dirty Scout now offers 99 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile and continues to update every week. The guys are largely cute or good looking, and if you like foreskin, there's heaps of uncut cocks including lots more in the additional 464 videos on the two bonus sites. Czech guys, amateurs, uncut cocks, and reality porn - what's not to like here?

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