Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Dirty Bird Pictures is a production company run by Dink Flamingo who is probably most famous for his military-themed site, Active Duty. Dirty Bird Pictures brings together the studio's DVDs under one roof and gives you access to downloadable and streaming scenes plus a huge whack of pictures galleries.

The DVDs available on the site were all produced in 2008 and 2009, with one released in 2010. Brent Corrigan is one of Dirty Bird Pictures most famous performers and he starred in nine of the companies DVDs. But he's joined with many other porn regulars who were popular then: Chad Hunt, Barrett Long, Devon Moss, Jason Crew, Rusty Stevens, Mason Wyler, and others.

The guys come in a variety of ages and body types. You find lots of younger guys in their early twenties like Brent Corrigan; guys with slender and athletic bodies, but you'll also find some muscle daddies who are a little older, although I wouldn't say past 35 years of age. And there are lots of other guys who don't fall into twink or jock classifications - they're just regular guys with gym-fit bodies and big dicks.

While there are a couple of military-themed DVDs, the rest of the catalog of DVDs doesn't share a particular niche or theme. There's lots of sucking and fucking in bedrooms and living rooms, but you're just as likely to find guys having sex outdoors by the pool. Almost every DVD has at least one threeway or fourgy. Expect to see hungry cocksuckers swallowing big dicks before taking them up the ass, and there are guys cumming everywhere you can imagine - on bellies, faces, asses, or all over bed sheets, floors or sailing their spunk through the air.

Dirty Bird Pictures offers 19 DVDs, and some have four scenes while others have six or seven; there are a total of 81 individual full scenes. You can stream the videos in two sizes: 320x186 and 640x370. They are studio quality, they play and download quickly, but I didn't find that they held up well in full-screen mode. Each DVD also offers downloadable clips (which are basically trailers) in MP4 format with the newer ones being bigger at 700x393 and the older ones at 320x240.

It's worth mentioning that the scenes come with good descriptions and cast listings, and there's a trailer you can watch before committing to watching the whole scene. The performer names are linked so you can find more of their appearances. And each scene also has picture galleries, usually many more than the actual number of scenes on each DVD. There are 229 galleries in total with 50 to 100 or more pictures. These are digital stills or very good quality screen grabs - it's hard to tell sometimes. And they range in size from 333x500 to 456x700. The pictures display in a pop-up gallery window. There are no slideshows or zip files.

I was disappointed that it doesn't look like the site is updating any longer. The latest DVD in the member area also had a post on the site's blog that was dated in July 2010.

Your membership also includes access to three other sites: Active Duty and My Straight Buddy, which are both currently active, as well as Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour, which no longer updates.

The only improvements I'd like to see in Dirty Bird Pictures is consistent sizes in videos across all DVDs. I couldn't actually access the bonus sites from the links within the Dirty Bird Pictures member area, and I could only access Active Duty by clicking the link on the lower part of the page, and to XXX Amateur Hour by typing in the web address in my location bar and logging in. We'll contact the site and let you know when this is fixed.

Dirty Bird Pictures has a good offering of over 80 scenes, but it looks like the last DVD was produced in 2010, so unless they start up production again, it's doubtful there will be any new additions to the site. The bonus access to three other sites makes this good value for your membership dollar. While the DVDs are four or five years old, the action is still really hot. I really enjoyed seeing some performers I had long forgotten about. Finally, DVD sites can often be a pain in the butt, not giving you enough detail, so Dirty Bird Picture was a breath of fresh air with their full descriptions, videos, loads of galleries and model bios. It's the way a DVD site should be.

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