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Dirk Yates started out years ago filming real soldiers and marines ranging from 18 to their mid-20s. The site has gone through several changes in filming style over the years, and it's just gone through a complete reset with a new design and membership model. The site still claims to have hot straight military guys, genuine soldiers, sailors and amateurs, the tour looks pretty good. There's lots to talk about, so let's get started.

There are three distinct periods at Dirk Yates. The first featured real military amateurs stopping by the producer's home to unload their nuts in solos, side-by-sides with other marines, or to get head from the producer. The second period steps up the action with these military amateurs in blowjob action with each other and more and more fucking. And the third period is the full-on studio productions for All Worlds Video that includes everything you'd expect to see in studio porn - masturbation, sucking, rimming, and fucking in solos, duos, threeways and small groups.

However the overhaul at Dirk Yates has resulted in less than half as much content as there used to be, and unfortunately it looks like most of the early stuff has been cut. They may be remastering it and adding it back in slowly, I can't tell for certain as it's hard to say without seeing the old and new sites side by side. What is available now falls into two categories: 150 solo masturbation scenes and 76 suck and fuck videos in duos, threeways and fourgies. And the action videos fall into two types - some have one-named guys (amateurs) having sex while others feature porn performers.

The guys are generally sporting athletic or muscular bodies and many are have military-style haircuts, as well, so they're what you'd expect to find on a military site. They're a mix of smooth guys and hairy, many tattooed, some quite heavily, but lots with no ink at all. You wouldn't expect to find a lot of facial hair on a military site, and that's generally the case here, but some guys are wearing a few day's growth or some chin scruff. And many of the newer productions have porn stars including JJ Knight, Jake Hammer, Angelo Marconi, Brock Avery, Jason Phoenix and Trenton Ducati.

Before I talk specifics about the videos, let's go over the ways to view the content on the site. You can enjoy the videos in three ways. First, you can opt for a streaming membership that allows you to watch whatever you want for the duration of your membership, but downloads are not included. Second, you can buy a package of viewing credits and use them to stream or download videos one at a time. Third, you can opt for both scenarios at the same time, so buy the streaming membership and buy a package of credits and use those to download whatever you want.

You'll find videos in two different sections in the member area. There's a section called Scenes and another called Updates, but the confusing part is that both sections have the same videos, they're just organized differently and the videos under Updates are dated. Regardless of the sections, there are 226 videos on the site and these are full scenes. Most stream in a player that's sized at 980x550, however some of the videos are smaller (736x550) but play in the large-sized player with a thick black border on either side. I successfully played some of the videos on my phone and my tablet, and they looked good. Some of the videos are new, others are quite a few years old, so the quality varies as some are good with decent lighting while others are average and fuzzy. And this is important because the older ones don't fare so well in full-screen mode.

If you pay to download movies, the properties say they're 1920x1080 and some do indeed play at this size, others are only around 1400 pixels wide, so you'll get wide black bands on either side. And the quality is all over the map. The newer studio productions are pretty good though displaying at 1920x1080 with clear picture quality while some of those older scenes should have been remastered at smaller sizes so they weren't so fuzzy. In either case I didn't find the download speeds were very fast as videos took five to ten minutes to download.

Many of the episodes have a gallery of pictures, although not all do, and the number of pics varies from 6 to 30, although most seem to have around ten images. The images open in a pop-up viewer and you can use the forward and back controls to browse through them, but there's also a hands-free slideshow. You can download a zip file of each entire set or you can save the pics you like individually by right-clicking on the thumbnail and select "select image as". Most of the pics display at 533x800, but there may be other sizes.

Let's talk about the downsides. On the old site members got access to 486 full DVDs, but now you only get 226 scenes. Also the site hasn't added a new scene since September 2016, so there's been nothing new in about seven months. The marketing rep said that Dirk is currently shooting new content, so perhaps now the reset is over the site will start updating. The videos are streaming only, and while I'm not a fan of sites that make you pay extra to download content when you've already purchased a membership, this is happening more and more. The old site used to give you access to bonus content from other brands owned by Channel 1 Releasing, but this is no longer the case. Finally, Dirk Yates flies fast and loose with the military theme; some guys are wearing military gear, but others aren't, and we only believe they're Marines because the title of the movie says so. 

The new Dirk Yates gets a mixed review from me. They used to offer a lot more content and many more amateur marines and soldiers getting off for the cameras, and these were the site's strongest feature and what Dirk was known for. But the site has reduced the amount of videos, removed most of the old but hot amateur Marine videos and eliminated the bonus content. However, there's still 226 to enjoy on your desktop or mobiles during a 30-day streaming membership. Some of this may be temporary fallout from the site's reset, so we'll continue to watch it. In the meantime, if you're interested or are a long-time fan of Dirk Yates, you can always head over, check out the tour and see what you think.

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