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Dillon Anderson is a 24 year old porn performer from Orlando, Florida who got his start in Pornland in 2014 over at College Dudes. He did a few scenes for Guys in Sweatpants and Jason Sparks Live as well as a handful for another site that's no longer online. Then in March 2015, he announced his retirement on Twitter saying that he wanted to pursue his music full time. But as with many performers, retirement didn't stick, and Anderson made his comeback in 2016; then the following year he filmed 11 scenes for Broke Straight Boys. In February 2018, Anderson launched his JustForFans feed, DillonAndersonX, with an eight-minute video where he fucks a cute blond boy, and he's been updating every since.

Dillon Anderson is a cute guy with a smooth athletic body. He's 5'8", weighs 135 pounds and sports a seven inch cut cock. He wears quite a bit of ink; his right arm is sleeved with tattoos while his other has a sort of armband around his bicep, and he's got a couple of others on his torso. And the good news is that he's still sporting the bit of chin scruff that I always found so sexy. In his non-porn time, he writes music, hikes, plays dodge ball at trampoline parks, builds Lego models and has two beautiful dogs.

Austin Wolf fucks Dillon is a two-part session, then Dillon fucks Michael Roman in another, and he's featured another couple of porn regulars like Noah White and Logan Taylor. But most of Dillon's action features unknown, amateur guys. Dillon fucks around with guys at home, he bred one bottom in an airport bathroom, he fucked another guy in a theater bathroom under the stall wall, and had sex in a Best Buy restroom, too. It's clear Anderson has a thing for washroom sex. But he fucks other places, too, like on a stairwell, at a golf course, and there are plenty of bedroom romps. Most of the guys are single-named studs, but while there are a few muscle hunks in the mix, Anderson seems attracted to fit guys around his own age, guys who are sporting athletic bodies. And bottoms, he loves fucking ass. But I did see one huge muscled guy named Dimitri who easily had 50 pounds on Anderson and our star struggled as this hunk's fat cock stretched his hole open. I loved this video.

Not all of Dillon's videos feature fucking, either. He loves sucking dick, toom and he has a couple of sessions where he's blowing guys at make-shift gloryholes, i.e. a sheet or piece of carpet hanging in a doorway with a hole cut at dick level. He gives the guys a long head session until they're close, then finishes them off by hand so we can see their dicks geyser cum all over him.

DillonAndersonX has 50 videos in MP4 format at good amateur quality. Some are filmed with a stationary camera while others are filmed point-of-view (POV) style with Dillon holding the camera and filming his cock thrusting into his bottom's ass. And as Dillon likes to fuck in public bathrooms, camera angles and lighting aren't always optimal, but who cares? Bathroom sex is hot to watch. The videos stream at 1228x690, but they'll play smaller on newer mobile devices. Most of them seem to be around eight minutes long, but I found one at 11 minutes and another at 26 minutes. You can't download any of the videos, they can only be streamed on the site. Dillon has posted only one picture in his feed and that's the one he uses as his profile picture.

Dillon's feed has been live for a little over a month and he's posted 53 times with a total of 50 videos, so that's more than one a day. I don't know if he'll keep up this pace, but he's a horny fucker, so it's possible.

Are there any problems here? Nothing major. None of the JustForFans channels allows users to download videos or save pictures, and that's nothing unusual for this kind of fan site nor is the minimal tour. I do wish Anderson would tell us more about himself – these feeds don't have a profile page. Some of the videos aren't lit well, but they tend to be in places that would be hard to light without a crew. And one last thing was my disappointment that Dillon doesn't post any pictures except the one he uses for his profile. As much as I love video, I do still like photos of the guys.

Dillon Anderson is a horny guy who loves bathroom sex and shares a number of his restroom escapades with his fans on his JustForFans feed, DillonAndersonX. But he's got a good number of bedroom suck and fuck sessions, too - in fact, most of them are. His feed has been live for just over a month and he's already uploaded 50 videos. Out of all of the JustForFans feeds that I've reviewed, Anderson's is my favorite as it's the most consistent with videos hitting the eight-minute mark or better, and most of them are hardcore action. I enjoyed my visit here, and if you're a fan of this stud, you'll want to check out his feed, DillonAndersonX, and follow him.

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