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Today we're taking a look at a site called Dilfs. For those who haven't heard the term, it stands for "dads I'd like to fuck". Since dads come in many sizes, shapes and ages, let's talk about the kind of men found in the site. They're mostly hunks with gym-built bodies; muscled arms and chest, powerful legs and great asses, but there's also a twink, a daddy and a couple average guys. Expect a few tattoos here and there, some clean-cut men and a couple Latinos. For the most part, the men here look more like porn regulars than amateur dads, but are a few guys who look like they could be the real deal.

When it comes to action, there's plenty of cock sucking and fucking, kissing, dick riding, 69ing and messy cumshots. There are some outdoor sex sessions - always hot! - as well as a sexy shower scene and two guys who hook up at the store and get it on in the back of a car. There's nothing really kinky or down and dirty here; just good clean man-on-man naked fun. There's also nothing to lead us to believe any of the guys in the videos are dads. With scene titles like "Shower Fun For Sexy Homo Lovers" and "Ripped Latino Stud Ass Fucked Outdoors," not to mention the generic porn scene descriptions, as far as I can tell the videos are just regular gay porn sessions taken from DVDs.

Dilfs offers 17 videos, but disappointingly the site does not update - the last update is dated December, 2013. The site does, however, offer MP4 videos that play not only on your computer but on most mobiles including iPhone, iPad and many Android devices. The largest MP4s are sized at 640x480, and there are smaller sizes if you're on an older mobile device. Quality is average or better, and the older videos are also available in WMV format. For those who don't want to download the videos, there's also streaming available.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are screencaps sized at 720x576, and quality isn't bad for screencaps. There's no actual gallery - the pics are shown in a strip over the video player - and no slideshows or zip files, but you can download the individual pics if you find some you like. The pics are a good way to preview the action in each video. Five of the episodes - the outdoors scenes, which are probably all taken from the same DVD title - also include sets of good amateur quality digital stills sized at 534x800.

Now let's talk about extras. As mentioned, the scenes from Dilfs are actually videos from DVDs, and actually from a huge pool of gay (and some bi) DVD scenes - 4638 of them, to be exact, from over 900 DVD titles. Full members can watch them all in a wide variety of categories including Handjob, Interracial, Anal Sex, Masturbation plus a few bondage, gangbang and police titles.

It's time to discuss the issues. First, the site doesn't update, and there are only 17 videos. Next, there's a hard-to-spot pre-checked offer on the join page that if left checked will sign you up for membership to a second site. When I clicked the member area link, a pop-up appeared under the page I navigated to. The site terms don't mention whether the trial is limited or not, so we can't say for sure either way. And last, the trial membership recurs at $15 more than the cost of the regular monthly membership.

Dilfs doesn't seem to deliver sex with dads so much as generic gay sex action. There's blowjobs, anal sex and cumshots, plus some stroking and kissing, but there's no focus on fathers getting boned. The site offers 17 downloadable videos that can be streamed or played on your mobile, but doesn't update. Good news is that the huge bonus video archive does update, and while updates are frequent and generous, they're not quite every day as claimed - still, lots of updates is always good news, although the videos aren't fresh, new stuff. If you're looking for actual dads sucking and fucking, you probably won't find them here, but if you're looking for gay sex and a huge library of standard definition DVD rips, Dilfs could be worth considering.

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