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Dick Dorm offers horny college guys experimenting with gay sex in their dorm rooms. They get crazy and suck dick on a dare, and plenty of them bend over and take a buddy's cock up their asses. These are usually multi-guy sessions, but there are a handful of duos and threeways, too. There's been a change since our last visit, so it's time to head inside and see what's going on.

Dick Dorm says their content features real college guys filming these 100% amateur videos with lots of curious straight guys experimenting and playing around. I don't know about all that, as these look like studio productions to me, but the sets do look like dorm rooms with bunk beds and desks or common areas where the guys hang out to watch television or play beer pong. And some of the guys in the scenes are holding cameras and filming the action, sometimes POV style. So in that sense, the site is pretty true to the college guy theme.

Most of the guys are between 18 and 24 and in pretty good shape, with slender to athletic bodies, but a few of them are a little more muscular or beefy than others. Most of the performers exhibit the kind of rowdiness you'd expect to see in a college dorm with lots of bravado, macho posturing and horseplay. Mostly regular guys, these are the kind of dudes you might see at any college campus, at the store, the park, or just hanging out, although some of the more recent scenes feature mature, beefy bodybuilders - including some with beards - who are very obviously not college guys.

The older scenes have the guys comparing their asses and cocks for the cameras. They get into stroking contests and the losers have to suck cock or even get fucked, and sometimes there are girls hanging around drinking and watching - a couple even get into a little girl-on-girl action, but make no mistake, this site is about college guys getting crazy. That being said, some of the latest parties have smaller groups and no horseplay - they spend less time hanging out and more getting naked, stroking and sucking.

A recent video opens with a guy wearing a bandanna over his face entering the common room with a camera, he pulls his dick out in front of a guy sitting on the couch and tells him to suck. A couple of guys on the other couch feign astonishment, but a minute later, one is blowing the other. These are supposed to be straight guys remember, so imagine my amazement when that camera man effortlessly slides his nine-inch dick into the cocksucker's ass. While these four continue fucking each other on the couches, three other guys continue playing beer pong behind them.

Dick Dorm site offers 102 videos in streaming MP4 format. The newest scenes are available in five speeds including an HD version while the older ones come in four speeds with no HD version. You can stream these in a player at 958x540 with full-screen mode that offers varying results depending on the age and size of the video. Quality ranges from amateur to fairly good amateur, and the vids will play on most mobiles. Many of the older scenes run over 40 minutes (some over an hour) while newer scenes are between 25 and 30 minutes each.

Each video comes with a set of pics and most run 958x540 in landscape orientation and 428x640 in portrait. You can view them in a hands-free slideshow or one at time using forward and back controls, but you can't save them, nor are there downloadable zip files available. The newer pics are pretty good quality, but the older pics are more amateur quality with lighting that is often not great, which makes sense for supposed amateur homemade movies.

Now let's talk about updates. The good news is that Dick Dorm is updating again, adding a new video once a month. Prior to the three recent updates, there was a three and a half month break, and before that monthly updates and that wasn't the first time that the site stopped updating. I'm glad to see they're adding new content again, and hope they continue to do so.

Your membership gives you access to six bonus sites offering 795 bonus movies. Boys First Time features guys in their virgin gay experiences in 581 scenes, Gay Revenge offers 68 videos with guys fucking around on their cheating boyfriends and filming the experience to show the bastards later. Papi has 42 videos with mostly Latino and white guy interracial fuck scenes. And there are two newer sites on the block: There's Str8 Chaser, a POV reality site where straight guys are propositioned in public and offered money to have sex with the producer, and there's also Reality Thugs with horny black studs in action. And recently the Reality Dudes network started offering its own public sex videos, as well.

Trial memberships often have limitations, so even though Dick Dorm doesn't cite any restrictions, don't be surprised if your trial membership doesn't give you full access to the whole site. You may only be able to watch a couple of videos, but I can't be sure. There's a pre-selected offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join Dick Dorm, but you can easily opt out of it if you want. Upon joining, one is automatically signed up for the email list. And then there are the ads. Lots of ads including a full-page ad you'll land on when you first log into the site. It's worth noting that only three of the bonus sites currently update.

Finally, are the guys here real college guys? Is the action really 100% amateur? Who knows, but I doubt it; in fact, in one scene I recognized ex-lovers Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris along with Donny Forza in a nine-guy gangbang. I saw Johnny Forza in another scene and I'm sure I could name others if I looked hard enough. And then there are the recent bodybuilders who don't even begin to look like college students. As well, Dick Dorm used to have a link for college guys to submit their homemade videos, but that's been replaced by a "model for us" link. Honestly, the action is fun and comes pretty close to being authentic with the locations and guys delivering that dorm party feel, so they've done a pretty good job of sticking to the theme except in the latest updates.

Dick Dorm delivers college guys partying and messing around in their dorms. The action is fun with lots of horseplay and guys sucking dick on dare, although some don't even need that. Most of the 102 streaming videos are pretty long, but I was a little disappointed that the videos weren't offered for download, and the latest updates are shorter with less party footage, some mature muscle men and less of a straight college guy feel, but they were still fun to watch and I appreciated that they played on my mobiles. While I'm glad updates have started up again, I do wish they were more frequent than once a month, so I'm glad there's plenty of bonus videos in the network. The earlier Dick Dorm videos are particularly fun with these college guys comparing cock sizes, showing off their butts, and getting wild and crazy with each other.

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