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Den Men focuses on real amateur-submitted bear videos. You'll find more than bears here - the men are a mix of all kinds of hairy guys in a variety of shapes, sizes and ages sucking and fucking, as well as ass play and cock stroking action. We last reviewed the site almost two years ago, so it's time to head back and see what's been happening.

First, let me start off talking about user-submitted content. There are plenty of sites claiming to have amateur content that don't live up to their claims. Den Men isn't one of those sites. The content here truly is homemade amateur videos and features all kinds of furry men. Whether these videos really are submitted by the owners is impossible to confirm, but there is a page on the site where you can send in your own homemade movies. Den Men prefers videos with two or more guys from four to 40 minutes long, and if your video is accepted, they'll give you a free month-long membership. So it seems like the real deal.

Den Men divides the videos into Bear Couples, Bears & Cubs, Cubs, Muscle Bear, Otter and Polar Bear plus a few more categories. A lot of the "muscle bears" aren't necessarily built and many of the "bears" don't have bellies, so you'll have to keep an open mind with the bear terminology here. Having said that, the site is a sexy collection of furry guys ranging from 18 to 50 or more years old. You will indeed see men with bellies and some big ones, too, but there are plenty of other types of men including slender to athletic bodies, gym-fit and muscular physiques, and of course stocky and bigger men. I did also see a couple of porn performers in the mix, guys who regularly jack off on their webcams, but only a handful.

The action is varied, but largely you'll see men jacking off, sucking dick and fucking their buddies both with and without condoms. Bear Suck-n-Fuck features two bear men, one bigger than the other, sucking dick, and the bigger bear gets his ass fucked. Masked Cocksucker is a POV (point of view) video of a hairy man getting his dick sucked by a blond guy wearing a bandanna over his eyes. Webcam Show finds a good-looking, bearded and bespectacled guy lying on a bed and showing off his asshole; he's naked except for a tie and black socks. Stacheman76 appears in a few scene; he's a slender man with a bald head and furry body, more of an otter than a bear, and he's wearing a sexy beard. He and a buddy take turns lying in a bathtub and pissing on each other. So you can see there's a variety of stuff.

There are a few guys who wearing sunglasses or baseball caps to hide their identity, and some guys purposely cut their heads out of the viewing frame, but there are plenty of men who aren't shy about showing their faces. There are a good number of videos that are more than half an hour long. I saw one with a bear and cub who were cruising online and playing around for 54 minutes. And some videos are on the shorter side, ranging from a couple of minutes to several minutes.

There are 581 videos on Den Men that you  can download in MP4, QuickTime and WMV formats. I can't give you standard sizes because there aren't any; the video sizes depends on the source material. Some are as small as 320x240 and others as big as 854x480, but there are other sizes, as well, and the MP4s should be compatible with most mobiles. The streaming versions also vary in size from 660x550 to 976x550, and since the downloadable versions are usually smaller, that means the streaming videos are being stretched to fit the player which unfortunately affects the quality. You have to remember that these are homemade videos and filmed using all kinds of equipment. The videos are watchable, but I found quite a few had pixelation issues, so don't expect picture quality similar to studio-shot porn sites.

Each video's page has the length and submission date, along with a brief description of the action. You can rate the vids and comment on them. Unfortunately the site removes the submitter names from the details, so it's no longer possible to find more of a particular guy's videos, although you can tag them as favorites. There are no picture galleries on the site.

Now let's about about issues. The Den Men tour says that they upload five new videos a week; when we reviewed the site in October 2015 there were 440 videos and we noted that the site had stopped updating; it looks like they added another 140 videos since then but they haven't added new content since February 2016, almost a year and a half ago. Funnily enough they're still advertising a "launch special" even though the site's been open for a couple of years; it may be a misnomer, but it's still a good deal. And the site's claims of the "largest collection" is simply not true, not even close.

I did run into a couple more issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a second site when you join this one; if you don't want it, it's easy to deselect it. I've already covered this, but it's important: you simply can't expect studio quality here; these videos are filmed using all kinds of equipment and these guys aren't professional videographers. But in spite of various quality issues, I enjoyed most of what I watched and didn't find many that I wanted to take a pass on.

I had high hopes for Den Men when I reviewed it the first time as it's fun seeing a variety of hairy men in amateur action. And while the site now offers a collection of 581 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, its lack of updates for more than a year is disappointing. Still, there's a lot to see here and it's not expensive to join so you'll definitely get your money's worth. I love hairy amateur guys in home-made videos, so it's a turn-on to see what these real men are getting up to behind closed doors.

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