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Deep Inside Boys offers a collection of black guys in bareback action. They've been adding new videos weekly since March of 2015, but there's a larger section of undated videos so I'm not sure how long this site has been around. The performers here are in their early to mid-twenties and they're sporting smooth, athletic bodies. A few have some nice ripped abs and a lot of them are packing big cocks, but not all of the guys are into showing their faces in the videos.

The performers are into sucking and fucking, and from what I can see, it's all bareback, although I didn't watch every single video. There are a few solo jack-off sessions, but most of the action is in duos with the guys enjoying each other's cocks; I did see a few threeways and foursomes as well. As I mentioned, not all of the guys want their faces filmed, so in these cases, you'll be treated to mostly cock-in-hole action, although the camera does pan out so we get a sense of a guy's bodies. And the fucking takes place mostly in home settings, although there were some filmed in a bathhouse, too.

There are no plots here; in fact, most of the videos open with the guys already into the action. One scene begins with a stud pushing his big, bare cock into a guy's ass while the bottom is lying face down on the bed. Another video opens with a guy gulping on a big dick in the shower, and he's not nervous about showing his face. After getting a good head session, the top shoves his giant cock into the bottom's asshole and fucks him against the shower wall. Another session starts with a guy swirling lube on his dick then pushing it into his bottom. Later, after they've been fucking for a while, we see a jar of Vaseline on the bed - I thought fucking with Vaseline died in the early 80s, but it seems to be the lube of choice at Deep Inside Boys.

Not all of these fuck sessions end with a cumshot. The poor lad getting screwed in the shower scene just couldn't take anymore of his top's giant cock, so the scene just ended. But most of the videos end with the top splattering his bottom's asses with creamy pools of cum; sometimes they go back inside for a couple more pumps, but not always.

There are 123 videos at Deep Inside Boys, and they're offered in downloadable MP4 format and sized at 854x480 at average to good amateur quality. My video player opened the videos at full-screen and these weren't as crisp, but once I downsized them to their proper size, they were quite enjoyable. You can stream the videos on the site and they play at 540x304, which I found a little small, especially since there's no full-screen option. You can also play the vids on most mobiles. Most of the videos are full scenes, but a few are broken into two or three parts and in these cases, they're usually released as separate updates.

There are 18 galleries of good quality digital stills that display at 768x1024. There are between 80 and 100 pictures per set. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip files, and there's no slideshow option either.

The latest 40 videos are dated, and the dates show that the site has been updating weekly since March 2015. There are another 83 videos that precede these, but they're not dated so I'm unsure when these were added. Also, many of the older vids show the participants' faces, and these may be stock videos that were purchased, not produced by the site. This isn't a bad thing as they feature the same types of guys and bareback sex, as well as lots more big dicks, and the tour mentions that over 100 videos are exclusive to the site.

There are a couple of small small things I should mention about Deep Inside Boys. First, the tour mentions there's a blog, but I couldn't find one. Second, all the videos have a fairly large watermark that always remains in the frame. Third, while there is a model section with 14 guys, each performer only has a small picture (most are headless) and their profile page just details their sexual orientation and preferred position, their dick size and their location (most are from Chicago).

I have mixed feelings about Deep Inside Boys. I love watching close-up cock-in-hole action; it's by far my favorite thing about porn, but I also like see full-body and facial shots of the guys. Still, my cock liked watching those big bare dicks sliding in and out of those well-greased holes. The site has a collection of 123 downloadable videos, and they add a new one consistently every week. I liked the lean and smooth bodies and there were lots of big, meaty black cocks. Why not check out the site's tour and see if these anonymous bareback sessions grab you by the balls?

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