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Debt Dandy is a site out of the Czech Republic that's a variation on the broke-guy-needs-quick-cash theme, but there's sometimes a twist. Filmed in a reality style with POV, this is another site from the producers of Czech Hunter, so let's get inside and see what's been happening since our last visit.

The Debt Dandy places newspaper ads offering to help guys get out of debt. He holds the camera and we never see his face as he arrives at each guy's home, and they start talking about finances. The worried lad tells him how much he owes and to whom, and the Debt Dandy writes it all down in big numbers, so we can see the total mounting. Guy #35 racked up $1,000 that he had borrowed from friends and now they want it back. So Debt Dandy tells him that he'll pay off his debt in exchange for an hour of his sexual time. The guy refuses quite adamantly at first, but when the Debt Dandy hands him a wad of cash and tells him to count it, guy #35 agrees to the proposal.

The guys on the site are your average 20-something Czech guys who you'd see walking down the street in Prague. They're not a particular type, just fit guys with athletic bodies, and a few with a couple extra pounds on them. Some are cute, some good looking and others average, but the mere fact that they're mostly amateurs makes them interesting to me as fresh faces are always hot in my book; however I did recognize a couple of the guys from another site. I love uncut cocks, so I'm happy here as these guys are all sporting foreskin.

This is where the site proves to have a dual personality. The older videos are unique and odd - just about anything can happen before he makes these guys suck his cock. For instance, guy #35 had to kneel behind his sofa and put on a puppet show with a wooden cat. I'm serious. And when the Debt Dandy didn't like the real cat sitting on the sofa beside naked guy #31, he told him to move it, except the cat thought it was playtime and grabbed the guy's arm and held on. It was classic YouTube fare. These are extreme, although not uncommon examples, where the Debt Dandy gets off humiliating these guys. He often asks things like "Do you dye your hair?" or "Why do you shave your pubes?" in a demeaning way. Many other guys get off easier with only having to dance and strip before sucking the man's cock. The newest videos skip the odd stuff, but the premise, set-up and the action are the same.

The filming style is POV, which means the Debt Dandy is holding the camera while these lads service his dick. He has an air of entitlement - I'm paying off your bills and you will do whatever I say - and he's quite bossy about his blowjobs, telling the guys not to use their hands, to lick it or suck deeper. "Look at the camera!" he's always telling them. So getting their debts wiped can involve a little humiliation. After the guys suck his cock, he fucks their asses - he usually likes bending them over a sofa - and in most of the ones I watched, he ended by cumming on their faces. He'll sometimes tell them not to be so foolish with their money next time before he leaves.

The guys in the older videos don't pleasure themselves; some don't even get erections. Occasionally the Debt Dandy will grab a handful and give them a feel, but that's about it. But this also adds to the scene they're playing out. On the other hand, in many of the new videos the Debt Dandy will tell the guys to masturbate and even tell them what position to sit in while they do it, like telling one guy to spread his thighs while he strokes.

Debt Dandy now offers 178 videos, thanks to weekly updates. The videos are available in downloadable MP4 at 640x360 at good amateur quality, which should play on most mobiles as well as desktop computers. The sound is pretty good, too, and the scenarios and settings feel real. You can also stream the videos in an embedded player on the site at 940x532, and they hold up okay at full-screen with only a little loss of quality. Like I said, the site films in a unique reality and POV style. Each episode also comes with 24 screencaps displaying at 800x533. You can view these as a slideshow or save them individually, but there's no downloadable zip files.

Members also get access to two more sites from the same studio; Czech Hunter offers 287 videos and there are 68 from Dirty Scout. Both sites have are similarly themed as both are reality-style sites featuring Czech guys convinced to go gay-for-pay; Czech Hunter is filmed POV, as is Debt Dandy, and much of Dirty Scout is also POV. Each site updates once a week for a total of three updates every week.

The site doesn't really have any serious issues, although I did find at 640x360 the downloadable MP4 were a bit small, especially when compared to the larger streaming versions. The tour offers HD videos, but only the streaming vids are HD, and they're the smaller side of HD. While the site is on the plain side, they also have no advertising and are also very easy to navigate.

Whether you like watching the Debt Dandy humiliate and talk down to these guys depends on your personal sexual tastes - it definitely makes it clear they're the bottom boys in these sessions. And this is what separates it from other broke guy sites. Not only do these guys have to get naked and service the producer's cock, but some have to strip and dance, spread their asses and show off their holes, and more. Everything comes with a price, right? The site's unique theme makes it stand out and I liked the reality and POV filming style. I thought it was well done, considering the Debt Dandy has to hold the camera while he fucks each guy's ass. There are 178 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, the site updates weekly, and the addition of Czech Hunter and Dirty Scout as bonuses makes this membership a great value, too.

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