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Dawg Pound USA is packed with close to 100 sexy black men sucking and fucking in duos and lots of threeways. The men range in their twenties and thirties; they're mostly sporting beautiful gym-fit bodies with nice muscle definition and some are quite well built. While there are some performers who look and dress like thugs, this isn't really a thug or gang banger site; most of these guys are just regular men who enjoy playing with dick and getting off.

I recognized a few of the guys here, regular performers like Robert Axel, Redd, Hot Rod and XL. But there were plenty of fresh faces and amateurs guys who I didn't know. One thing I did notice is that there weren't a lot of slender guys, almost every guy sports a chiseled, athletic or muscled body. There were lots of inked performers with mostly smooth bodies, some with facial hair, lots of guys with short hair or shaved heads, a few guys with dreads or cornrows, and some wearing baseball caps, bandanas, or do rags.

The action here is black on black - I didn't see any interracial, but I didn't check out every scene either. The men suck and fuck in home settings like bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, but there are a lot of outdoor sex scenes, too. You'll also find guys getting boned during a job interview at the office or pounded hard at the gym. I only saw a few solo jack-off videos - the rest are hardcore oral and anal action. I was impressed with the number of threeways and groups of four or five men. And if you're into big black dicks, there are a lot of them here sliding into hungry mouths and disappearing deep inside very accommodating butt holes. I didn't see any bareback sex, but again, I didn't look at every single scene.

There are 334 videos on DawgPound USA and they're available in streaming MP4. The older videos (about 65 of them) play at 640x480, but newer 130 or so vids play at 850x480 along with two smaller sizes at 486x260 and 640x354. The rest of the newer videos are only offered in the largest size. These are amateur productions and the picture quality on the older releases isn't as crisp as I'd like; the newest videos are definitely the best quality and the ones that also fare best in full-screen mode. This site offers the videos as full scenes or you can watch each video broken into two to four clips, which isn't something I see a lot of anymore.

There are 200 pictures galleries, so not every scene has one. These are screencaps from the videos and you can view them in a slider. The pictures display at 700x394, but they often have intrusive watermarks in the middle of the pics. There's no way to save the pictures either individually or in zip download files.

There is a "Fantasies" section where you can request that DawgPound USA pair up specific performers or you can simply tell the membership what you like about a guy or what you'd like to do to him. Some guys write a sentence or two, others write out whole scenes. There's also an advice column called "Ask Slim Thug" where you can ask questions about sex, coming out, or relationships.

I don't know how often DawgPound USA is updating because none of the videos are dated. One of the guys in the "Recent Updates" section is fairly new to porn, so I believe the site is still updating, but there's no way to tell - we'll check back in a couple weeks and let you know what we find.

There are a few other issues to discuss here. The site has disabled the right-clicking function, so you can not save any of the pictures. There are no downloadable videos and only the latest 130 videos are available in three sizes, including one HD, the remaining videos aren't as crisp as I'd like to see, nevertheless, they're still watchable. And there's a big animated section on the main tour page that leads offsite to a spot that sells DVDs.

I was turned on by most of the guys at DawgPound USA. There's a lot of handsome, hung studs on the site. And while there are some thug types, I liked that there was a lot more variety of guys than I see on a lot of black sites. I especially liked the high number of threeways here, and of course, who doesn't like seeing lots of big dicks? The sex was steamy and passionate, sometimes rough and dirty, but with over 330 videos, there's lots of stuff to keep your dick hard.