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In January 2017, Dave Slick did his first porn shoots for BadPuppy and Club Amateur USA. But mostly Dave Slick is known for his performances on Chaturbate, a popular cam site where models put on public and private shows for fans and followers; Slick is very popular with 23,000 followers on the site. He's been on the cover of CyberSocket magazine and won the XBIZ Top Male Cam Model in 2017. In February 2018, Falcon Studios announced that Slick had been signed to an exclusive contract, but so far the studio hasn't release him in a scene yet. And now Dave Slick has launched his own feed - called ItsDaveSlick - on the JustForFans network, so join me while I take a look.

Dave Slick is 26 years of age and stands 6'3". He's handsome with a fit body, which is usually smooth, but sometimes he sports a bit of a hairy patch in the middle of his chest. Likewise he's usually clean shaven, but he occasionally wears a moustache and some chin scruff. He's originally from New England but his profile says he's based in Arizona now. Dave has an 8 inch, cut cock and he's bisexual, so you'll find him playing with both men and women.

Slick's videos feature him doing various things. In his first video he swaps blowjobs with a guy named Garrett, they did some rimming then showered together before Dave fucked Garrett on the bed. In another video, Dave helps a guy named Johnny Stone clean up his pubes with Nair in the shower, then Johnny helped Dave take care of his trim. Billy Santoro appears in two videos. On the first night he fucks Dave and in the second one Dave fucks Billy. Scott DeMarco and Slick have sex in a doctor's exam room, and this may be from the set of a movie. David gives another guy a massage with a happy-ending handjob, and he gets fucked by mega hung Jack Andy in another video. So, as you can see, there's lots of variety.

Since Slick is bisexual he also features videos with female performers like Monica Slick, who rode Dave's cock in a multi-orgasmic video. And he did some light bondage play with Demi Lopez. She restrains Dave's hands and feet to the bed, she flogs him, then she flips him over and restrains him again and rides his cock. Finally, redhead Audrey Royal makes an ice cream sundae on Dave's dick, licks it off and then sucks him off.

ItsDaveSlick has 15 videos on his JustForFans feed. They're in MP4 format and available to stream and included in your membership. The videos played at 1230x690, and should play with no problem on your mobile device. The quality is mostly pretty good, but these are amateur productions so some weren't as crisp as I like to see, but they're still enjoyable. If you want to download any of the videos, you buy them for $7.99 each (one only cost $3.99); they're also MP4s and are sized at 960x540.

There are a total of 47 pictures available on Slick's feed including 10 behind-the-scenes pictures from his first Falcon Studios photo shoot. There's a set of professionally shot digital stills of Dave Slick in a bathtub and another series of selfies with another guy named J Bunny. The pictures are good quality and display at 1000 pixels or better on the longest side. Unfortunately you can't save any of them, but that's nothing unusual for these feeds. Slick often posts a number of pictures from the same shoot together and these appear in a viewer with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow feature. The pictures aren't available to purchase in the store, but it seems you can buy them by SMS separately.

Are there any problems here? Not really. As with all of the JustForFans sites downloadable pictures or videos are not included in your membership, but some vids are available to purchase in the feed's store at an extra charge if you're interested. Dave Slick includes his phone number in his profile and you can text him if you like, but be aware that texting as well as receiving pictures and videos this way will cost you an extra fee above and beyond your monthly membership fee. Text messages cost $1.69 each while videos cost upwards of $5.69, so it can get expensive. Non-members can also text Slick but the fees are 20% higher.

As with most of the performers on JustForFans, my biggest complaint is that they rarely tell us much about themselves. Slick doesn't have a bio or profile page where we can learn more about him and doesn't share much about himself other than what we see in the videos.

Dave Slick is a handsome blond guy in his mid-twenties who recently launched his own feed called ItsDaveSlick on JustForFans. He's really just getting started filming porn, but he's been a cam model for just under two years now, so he knows his way around. He launched his feed nine days ago and he's got 15 streaming videos; he has been posting multiple times on most of the other days. He loves performing on camera with other cam performers and porn stars and this upcoming year should prove to be a busy one for Slick as he's just been signed to an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios.

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