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Dads Fuck Lads pairs up horny guys in their early twenties with older men in some sweaty daddy-boy sex. The site opened over three years ago with a nice selection of muscled mature men screwing guys 10 or 15 years their junior. We haven't visited the site since we first reviewed it back in 2012, so we're heading back to see what's happening.

The dads here are largely men in their thirties, but a few may be pushing forty. They're generally well built and a few are heavily muscled. The daddies are a mix of smooth men and hairy men, some sporting facial hair and tattoos. And if you've been watching porn for a few years you'll recognize some of the men who were porn regulars at the time these scenes were filmed: Rocco Banks, Randy Jones, Christian Torrent, Aaron Cage, Dillon Buck, and Harley Everett.

There's generally about a 10-year spread between the dads and their lads, which I don't really consider to be true daddy-boy content, but still, I do like the older-younger pairings. The lads are mostly British guys in the twenties, and like the dads, there are a few well-known names from the era: Kieron Knight, JP Dubois, Luke Desmond, and a few others. The guys are generally sporting smooth and athletic or gym-fit bodies, there are a couple of skinny guys, and of course, most are sporting uncut cocks.

Both the dads and lads on this site are European guys, lots of British guys and a few Germans and Spaniards. And the more mature men are playing the top roles, showing off their experience and teaching their bottom boys how to service a dick before giving them hard ass fucking. A number of the men are wearing leather harnesses, but this isn't a dungeon or BDSM site, although one lad was wearing a dog collar and another pair of men were fucking in a leather sling. Most of the sucking and fucking takes place in home settings like bedrooms and living rooms, and sometimes they get a little nasty with spitting and dirty talk. A couple of these dads were so hung that they had to warm up their boy's holes with a dildo first.

The videos for Dads Fuck Lads come from FreshSX, a British gay porn production house that has filmed, among other things, five DVDs in their "Dads Fuck Lads" series, so the content isn't created exclusively for this site, but taken from these DVDs. There are 23 videos in the members area and these are offered as downloadable MP4s that play back at either 848x480 or 1280x720, which should play on most newer mobiles. You can stream the MP4s in a Flash player on the site and the screen sizes range from 1106x830 to 1464x830 and you can choose three different resolutions. While the videos have been encoded in larger sizes since our last review, I found the quality was only average.

There are 24 galleries under the Photos section, and they contain good quality digital stills that display at 853x1280. They're available in thumbnail galleries, slideshows, or downloadable zips. Some of the dads and lads also have solo galleries that you'll find separately on each video's episode page. The Models section displays the 37 guys appearing on Dads Fuck Lads, and each has a profile page with their stats and links to their various videos and galleries on the site.

There are some nice bonuses with your membership. You get access to FreshSX, which offers British and European studs in their twenties and a few a little older. They guys have a mix of body types from slender to athletic builds and some are quite nicely muscled. There's lot of sucking and fucking in duos and a few threeways, as well as some solo jerk-off videos, and the site updates twice a month. There are toggle boxes that you can select to include the FreshSX content alongside the Dads Fuck Lads stuff; either way, you don't have to go off to another site to view the content.

You also get 21 third-party video plugins that feature a wide variety of movies of all kinds of guys from Asians and twinks to bears and muscle men. There used to be a weekly live show, but that's been discontinued, however, you still get access to an archive of 400+ old shows.

The site has added a handful of new videos since our 2012 review but only five of them. I can't even tell you when the last update truly occurred because the site recycles the content and assigns it a new date so it appears current. But even videos that are showing a 2014 date had a 2012 date when we reviewed it back then. In any event, the site no longer updates.

One problem I had with the site is that a Shockwave Flash plugin stopped working repeatedly in my Chrome browser and it froze the page so I couldn't do anything, each time I had to refresh the page, even if I wanted to check out other pages on the site. I didn't have the same problem in Firefox, and another reviewer didn't have problems with his Chrome streaming the videos.

Dads Fucks Lads hasn't added much content since it opened in April 2012, only five videos, so while the daddy-boy sex is hot and enjoyable, I really wish the site had continued producing more content. There are enough videos here to keep you going over the month of your membership, and you've got plenty more to enjoy in the bonus content offered by FreshSX, the live sex show archives, and the third-party video plugins. If you like daddy-box sex, European men and uncut cocks, and don't mind a smaller site, then Dads Fuck Lads is worth looking at.

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