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Daddy Swap is a personals site where daddies and their admirers can hook up, send messages, look at pics, meet and more. There are lots of men over 40 on the site, and I spotted plenty of heavier men with bellies, silver daddies, and more mature guys, and there are also some admirers but most of them are also 40 and over. And there's a lot of variety here. I found tall guys, shorter guys, big cocks and small cocks, both cut and uncut cocks; there are clean shaven guys and men with a variety of types of facial hairy, often shot through with some grey. And unlike some personals sites, this site has plenty of cock pics, nude torsos (including some nice hairy ones), and full-on sex pics.

When it comes to searching for members, custom is the way to go. I didn't have any luck searching by city. I live in Los Angeles, but when I searched using that city, all the results I checked were men in France, and when I searched using the Nearby button, I got guys 400 miles and more away. But doing a custom search allows you to use your zip code (if you're in the U.S.) or country to search, which worked well; you can also choose to search by cock size, ethnicity, body hair, type of relationship, and some more handy categories. You can also set ranges for height, weight and age; height and weight are metric, by the way. And once I did a custom search that included my specific location (I used my zip code), my search using the Nearby button gave me local men.

One of the things I liked about Daddy Swap is the galleries section. It lets you search member photos by 48 categories including Big Dicks, Hairy, Uncut, Groups, Beards, Polar Bears, and lots more, and to the right of each category is the number of pics in that category. Numbers vary greatly - there are 10,754 fucking pics, 804 bondage pics, 16,056 of hairy men, 35 of threesomes and 12,469 pics of ball sacks. And there's lots of nudity here, so you can expect plenty of cock closeups, hairy asses, blowjobs, and more.

There are some differences between free and paying members. Free members must have at least one photo in their profile in order to send messages, but paying members can send messages without filling out their profile or adding pics. Free members must use credits to view pictures or videos, where paying members can view unlimited pics and vids, and also get access to what I gather is a hands-free slideshow for the pictures. Members get 25 credits when they sign up for a free account to get them started, and are awarded more for uploading pics and videos, completing all essential fields in your profile, filling in all profile fields, following 10 members, and adding 25 images to favorites.

While overall I liked what Daddy Swap has to offer, the site does have some downsides. First, while there are thousands of members, when I checked the number of guys online, there were between 108 and 220 during the hours I spent reviewing the site. Something else worth being aware of is that the site will take your credits for viewing pics and videos without notifying you - I just found I have 2 less credits than I would have expected, and it would be easy to burn through all your credits without being aware of it. And last, I'd like to see a comprehensive list of what free members can do and see versus what only paying members can do and see. Can free members read their messages? If so, do they pay credits or is it included? The only way to find out is to message someone and see what happens when they respond.

Daddy Swap is a great site to browse men over 40, 50, and 60. There are plenty of bears, fit men, chubs, mature hunks, and all sorts of men in their prime from daddies to grandpas. You can browse profiles and check out pics, and unlike many other personals sites, there are lots of pics to be browsed in themed galleries. Even if you're a free member, you can earn credits to view pics without becoming a paying member, and the good news is that the site doesn't fill the pages with banners or ads. While there don't seem to be many members online at any given time, you can always send your favorites messages - or you can spend plenty of time browsing all the hot pics of all those daddies.

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