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Daddy Mugs is an older man who likes boys in their twenties. I can't describe what happens at his site any better than he does: "I love to fuck their brains out, have them suck on my thick daddy cock, and I love sucking and rimming them". But there's more to the site than that: sometimes the guys appear in solos, sometimes with guys their own age and yes, sometimes Daddy Mugs gets lucky. And he has a few tricks up his kinky sleeve, so let's head over and take a look.

Daddy Mugs himself is a working-class man in his forties. He's clean shaven, but his big belly and chest are furry. He's also got a biggish cock that's on the thick side and sports a prominent, bulging head. When it comes to the guys on the site, they range from twinks to muscle jocks and everything in between. A few of the guys are sporting a bit of scruff on their chins or faces, but Daddy Mugs seems to like smooth bodies, although there are a few with a bit of hair. Most of the guys are white, but there are a handful of Latino and black guys. And when it comes to physiques, you'll find skinny, slender, athletic and well-defined guys, and even a couple of well-muscled dudes.

A lot of the performers are from Ohio where Mugs lives; they're amateurs who only made a couple of videos for the site. But you'll also recognize a few of the guys as they went on to have full-blown porn careers - guys like Kurt Wild, Sebastian Young, Alexander Greene and Johnny Forza. And some of Mugs' favorites have appeared on the site multiple times and became mini-stars with their own fans.

The action on Daddy Mugs is quite varied. First, Mugs doesn't appear in every scene - not even close. Of the 212 videos, 112 of are guys jacking off or playing with dildos in solos or fucking other guys, and 100 videos feature guys playing with Daddy Mugs himself. Big R is a straight guy who offers a varied example of some of the action: he let Mugs tie him up for his first scene, he jacked off in the second, then he pisses all over himself for the third scene; in the fourth, Daddy Mugs sucked Big R's cock and fingered his hole before watching him fuck his girlfriend.

Most of the guy-on-guy sex scenes feature kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and shooting jizz all over each other. When the guys play with Daddy Mugs almost anything goes: bareback fucking, daddy-boy role playing, bondage, cigar smoking, toe sucking, a bit of rough play and light BDSM, toys and dildos, piss play and massage; if there's a boy butt in the room, Mugs is probably going to fuck it.

Daddy Mugs offers 212 exclusive videos that you can download in WMV at 720x576 (older) or 1280x720 (newer) and QuickTime at 640x480 or 655x480 (older) and 1280x720 (newer). You can also stream the videos in a Flash player sized at 960x542, and the videos either fit the player exactly or come in around 720x540. The videos are decent to good amateur quality. Many of the older ones aren't as crisp and clear, and because these are homemade, lighting can sometimes be on the dim side. It's worth mentioning that some of the vids are slightly out of aspect ratio, but they play smoothly and enlarge fairly well.

Each video comes with 2 sets of pics; a gallery of digital stills and and another of screencaps. The digital stills display at 600x900 (newer) or 1500x2000 (older) and they can be viewed as a slideshow, which didn't really work for me. But you can download a zip file and save them to enjoy later. The screencaps display in a weird device with zooming in and out, but it didn't really work properly for me, either. You're better off grabbing the zip file, and it doesn't take long at all to download.

As far as issues, it appears the site no longer updates -- the site hadn't grown much in 4 years, and the same update has been the most recent for a while now. The site's Flowplayer streaming video player has a copyright date of 2008-2011 and I guess it's out of date because when you play a video it says "Loading ... Please Wait." Simply click the "play" button and the video starts regardless.

I'm not certain what happened to Daddy Mugs; maybe he got his full-time car industry job back, but I am sorry that he's no longer producing videos. I enjoyed watching him play with these 20-somethings. Mugs was always creative in bed - sometimes a fun-loving bear, other times a stern and demanding daddy - and he got into a lot of hot sex and kinky play sessions with these lads. And since he only appears in roughly half of the videos, there's still plenty of variety with same-aged guys playing together or doing solos. Whether you like streaming or downloadable video, there are 212 scenes for you to check out, and even without any new ones, that's a lot of videos to watch in a month or two.

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