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Czech Gay Toilets focuses on amateur guys from the Czech Republic going to the bathroom, unzipping their flies and pissing. The pissing is caught on a couple cams located in the restroom, one actually hidden in the toilet bowl itself, and this camera shows the urine streaming from the uncut cocks. It's a pretty nice view if you're a piss lover, and interesting even if you're not. Because of the location of the non-bowl cam, you can see the guys as they come into the restroom, unzip and either grab their cocks and start the flow of warm, golden liquid or one guy sits down to have a smoke before he leaves. Some of the guys give their dicks a shake before putting them away, at least a couple dry their cocks with toilet paper.

While we don't get the same kind of view of the guys that we do in other sites, you can easily see that they're college age, with slender or athletic builds. Some are jocks, a couple are boy-next-door types, and there's one guy with some attitude. As mentioned, they're all uncut, although since we only see them peeing, there's no way to know how their dicks look when they're hard. But if you've ever fantasized about hiding in a restroom so you could watch college types come in to take a leak, this site should be right up your alley.

Czech Gay Toilets offers 11 exclusive videos, and sadly have not updated in two months. The downloadable videos are available in WMV and MP4 formats, the WMVs sized at 1280x720 at good quality and the MP4s sized smaller at 704x396. The MP4s should play on most mobiles, including Apple and Android devices, and for those who are looking for streaming videos, they're available, too. While the vids are full scenes, inasmuch as that they're everything that was shot per session, most are pretty short - pretty much the length of time it takes to piss.

This site is part of a small gay porn network called Czech Gav which includes 2 more amateur Czech guy sites - a porn auditions site and a voyeur site featuring guys stripping down and tanning. These sites add 97 more exclusive, downloadable videos for members, and while these sites don't update, the network includes a number of gay bonus feeds including niches like college guys, barebacking, Asian, amateur hookups and more, and good news is that some of the feeds DO update.

When it comes to issues, I only found a couple. First, as already mentioned, this site does not update, and it's pretty small, as well, which is made more noticeable by the just over 1 minute to 4 minute lengths of the videos. Also worth mentioning is the pre-checked email offer on the join page. And that's about it, a smaller list of issues than many sites, although unfortunately the size and lack of updates is going to be a problem for those who joined the site looking for urination content.

So there you have it. Czech Gay Toilets delivers hot amateur European guys from the Czech republic going into the men's room and having their piss sessions caught on video from cameras located in the stall and also inside the bowl. The 11 videos are pretty good quality, there are downloadable and streaming versions, and the MP4s should play on most mobiles. That being said, the site doesn't update, and the bonus content doesn't offer any piss-specific sites or feeds, so what we're left with is under an hour of exclusive videos of 11 amateurs relieving themselves plus plenty of gay porn bonus content and 22 voyeur videos of guys in tanning beds. But they're good piss videos. Czech Gay Toilets gets a mixed review from me because I definitely think the content delivers, but I wish there were more of it.

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