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Czech Gay Solarium is a voyeur site with an interesting twist. The site features amateurs - a mix of average guys and jocks who go into a room with a tanning bed, undress, tan and when the session is over, they get dressed again. For those turned on by viewing guys as they strip down while they don't appear to know anyone's watching, this could be something to whet the appetite. While the guys are tanning, the camera aims up their legs, showing off those uncut cocks - and sometimes while one of them is lying there, the relaxation and the warmth from the tanning bed get him tingling, so he strokes his dick, which is also caught on camera.

Some of the guys here are average, while others are pretty cute, as well as well-built. While many are in their twenties, there are a couple who are at least in their thirties (one with a shaved head, the other balding a bit). Expect to see athletic bodies and sixpack abs on some of the amateurs, while others have slender to "regular guy" bodies. The site doesn't tell us their names or anything about the room they're tanning in, and while sometimes it's quiet except for the sound of the guys unzipping and the fan, in other videos there is thumping music in the background.

Czech Gay Solarium offers 22 exclusive videos but does not update, so what you see is what you get. The videos are DRM-free, downloadable and are offered in WMV and MP4 formats. The WMVs are good sized at 1280x720, and they're pretty good quality, too. The MP4s are decent sized, shown at 704x396, look pretty good and should play on most newer mobiles. There are also streaming MP4s available, sized at about 980x552. Most of the videos are around 9 minutes in length, although a couple are closer to 6 minutes.

The site is part of a gay porn network, Czech Gav, which offers members 2 bonus sites - Czech Gay Toilets, a small site offering 11 videos of amateurs pissing in the toilet, and Czech Gay Casting, which offers horny amateurs doing gay porn auditions in 75 videos. None of the sites in the network update, which is disappointing, but there's also a page of bonus feeds which include the feed versions of Jake Cruise, Rear Stable, Falcon TV and some more, and good news is that some of the feeds DO update.

When we talk about issues, I've already talked about the two that stand out. The obvious one is that this site doesn't update, nor do its 2 sister sites. The other is that there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, so be sure you want to get emails or else untick it before you join. Last, while not exactly an issue, I wish if this site had to stop updating that they could have waited till there was more than 22 videos total.

Czech Gay Solarium offers uncut amateurs from the Czech Republic, mostly jocks and average guys in their twenties but some who are more on the mature side, as well. We watch as each guy goes into a tanning booth, undresses and tans, often stroking his meat while he enjoys his tanning session, then dresses again. It's a very voyeuristic experience, sort of like watching someone try on clothes in a fitting room; the guys never acknowledge the camera. There are 22 downloadable videos (streaming is also available), and while the site does not update, members get access to 2 bonus sites from the same network (they don't update, either) plus a collection of feeds, some of which do update. Despite the lack of updates, I found the theme and the action at Czech Gay Solarium intriguing, and loved watching the amateurs stroke their uncut cocks as they lie on the tanning beds.

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