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Czech Gav is a gay porn network delivering access to three exclusive Czech sites: Czech Gay Casting, Czech Gay Toilets, and Czech Gay Solarium. All the sites feature European guys - presumably from the Czech republic - who appear to be in their twenties with bodies ranging from slender to athletic with a couple beefier guys, as well. The models are mostly amateurs and range from average to cute including a few very handsome jocks. Most of the cocks here are uncut, a plus for foreskin fans.

When it comes to action, the sites here offer three very different niches. Czech Gay Casting is just what you'd expect - guys doing porn tryouts on camera. These start out with an interview, which isn't in English but is subtitled, and then the guy strips out of his clothes and shows off his ass and cock. The videos I watched had the model stroking his cock, and then a second guy (possibly the director) joins him for some sucking and fucking - sometimes the guy being auditioned does the fucking, sometimes he gets fucked. The sex is well filmed and includes some very juicy close-ups.

The other two sites are more voyeuristic. Czech Gay Toilets is a piss site that has a couple cameras mounted in a bathroom including a bowl cam. Guys come in to use the toilet, mostly to pee (one guy that I watched also sat with his pants still down and smoked a cigarette). The urination sessions are caught from both cameras, so you can not only watch the guy as he whizzes, but can also see his penis and the piss splashing into the bowl. Czech Gay Solarium shows guys coming into a tanning bed booth, undressing, lying nude on the tanning bed, with the uncut cock pointing toward the camera. When the tanning is done, we watch the guy get dressed and leave.

Czech Gav's three sites offer a total of 108 videos: 75 from Czech Gay Casting, 22 from Czech Gay Solarium and 11 from Czech Gay Toilets. Disappointingly it appears that none of the sites update any longer, but there is a page of bonus feeds, many of which do still update. We'll get to those shortly.

The Czech Gav videos are available in WMV and MP4 formats, and the vids are DRM-free full scenes that play smoothly and have pretty good sound. The downloadable WMVs are good quality and are sized at 1280x720; the MP4s are sized at either 704x396 or 1280x720 at fairly good quality, and should play on many mobiles. There are also streaming MP4s for those who don't want to download, and they look pretty good, too, and play smoothly.

Each Gay Castings episode comes with a set of pics. These are digital stills shown at good amateur quality or better, and they're available in three sizes, the largest of which is shown HUGE at 3744x5616, possibly the largest pics I've seen inside a porn site, and certainly the best quality jumbo sized pics I can recall. Each picture set shows one of the guys stripping down in his underwear and naked posing for his audition before the action gets started.

There's a page of links to bonus content. These each link to an individual episode in a feed, and there are some nice feeds to choose from including Falcon TV, Paul Morris Treasure Island Media, On the Hunt, Cyber Bears, Boykakke and more. I wish the links simply lead to the feeds rather than the individual episodes, but most of the feeds have links so you can get to the rest of the content without going back to the Czech Gav bonus page.

Does the site have issues? Two come to mind. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but it's easy enough to untick if you don't want to receive emails. Also, as already mentioned, none of the sites in this network are adding new content any longer - Czech Gay Toilets was the last of the sites to add new content, and that was two months ago in March, 2014. I would have loved to see new updates, as the piss content is actually pretty hot. Otherwise I don't have any complaints - navigation is easy and there are no intrusive ads (or any ads, for that matter).

Czech Gav offers exclusive content from three sites including an audition site, a tanning/voyeur site and a piss site. The auditions are hot, the pissing features guys using the toilet and includes a bowl cam, and I actually liked watching the guys undress and squirm around in the tanning beds. There are 108 videos altogether, and sadly none of the sites are updating currently. Still, the videos are DRM-free, downloadable and can be streamed, as well, and should play on most mobiles. Despite the issues, I loved the video quality and action, the interesting mix of niches, and all the hot Czech guys with uncut cocks at Czech Gav.

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