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Cummrades, also known as Swapping Cummrades, is a site dedicated to cum swapping. The guys on the tour share cum from mouth to mouth, some letting it drip down to their partner's mouth while others share it in a wet, sticky kiss. The site claims to be "the #1 site for gay cum swapping and semen play online" and says they offer exclusive content plus an award-winning exclusive library of videos. These are bold claims - let's see if Cummrades lives up to them!

There are currently 42 videos inside Cummrades - 24 inside Exclusive Videos and 18 inside the Video Library. Most of the videos are offered in 3 speeds of streaming clips - 56k, 384k and 768k. The 768k vids are shown at 576x324, and they really are close to 768k. They look pretty good at their original size, and don't look too bad enlarged to full screen.

The 4 most recently added videos in the Exclusive section are offered in 2 sizes - 640x360 and 1280x720. The 1280x720 vids are downloadable where the 640x360 vids are streaming only. These new sizes are so nice that it's a shame the site owners don't go back and do all the videos like these. One thing about the 1280 videos is that they don't play quite as smoothly, having a slightly lower framerate than most videos do.

There are only 10 pic sets inside Cummrades, but what they have is pretty good. The pics are shown at a screen size of 600x900, and they are sharp, clear and mostly well-lit. There are plenty of closeups of uncut cocks and guys swapping cum. I think it's too bad that the site doesn't have more pic sets.

Cummrades is part of a network of sites, and members get access to all the sites - 7 gay sites and 4 tranny sites. The catch is that some of the gay sites share videos. The most recently added videos inside Cummrades are the same videos added most recently inside Kyle's Videos, which is one of the bonus sites. Kyle's Videos has more videos than the Cummrades, so they obviously can't all be the same videos. When I looked inside No Condom Zone, I found some of the same vids I found in the other two sites.

I didn't see any semen play, although there is a lot of cum-swapping in the pics and videos. The video library doesn't seem to have won any awards, and I wouldn't think that the videos' quality or lack of downloadability was likely to win any prizes. It seems that the tour claims are exaggerated, however the videos here do include plenty of guys swapping hot, thick jizz.

Cummrades offers 42 videos of guys who fuck, suck and swap cum from mouth to mouth. Most of the videos are not downloadable and are only offered in clips, although the 4 most recent updates are offered as downloadable full scenes. The site hasn't updated in about a month and a half. While there are 11 bonus sites, some of the gay bonus sites offer the same videos. The bottom line - if you like uncut euro guys swapping cum, and you don't mind streaming videos, why not head over to Cummrades and see what they have to offer.

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