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Crossdress Virgins is an amateur site where guys who like to dress as women show and share. These guys are mostly your basic Mister Average; some middle-aged, some in their twenties and fit, some more feminine than others, but all with a passion for crossdressing and posing. The guy-girls (they are not transsexuals) who appear here claim to be first-timers on the cross-dressing scene, hence the Virgins of the title, though some make more than one appearance. The models are white, British and suburban; they are usually pretty fit and trim and show off some shapely bodies. There are a couple of younger, lithe, and shapely guys appearing who could pass for trannies, but mainly we're looking at guys in their thirties dressed as women. And some of the latest updates feature TV stars of their own sites from the same network.

The crossdressers don't have any one particular thing they like to do in their videos and photo shoots. There is a certain amount of posing and showing off in their lingerie and outfits, which are a mix between glamour and housewife; there is also a certain amount of solo cock stroking caught on video, though not a lot, and some female domination. Some of the cast are genuine virgins to the crossdressing scene, such as the middle-aged man who wears pantyhose for the first time and is dominated by a more experienced CD. Others are old hands who know how to blow, as there are some more hardcore scenes in here: two crossdressed guys smoking and then blowing each other, for example. It's a mix of content, but held together by the fact that every model is into crossdressing.

There are 15 videos at Crossdress Virgins when I was checking things out. The videos are available to download in WMV and MP4 formats at either 1280x720 or 1000x750, as well as smaller MP4s for mobiles. The vids are also offered to stream in the same formats, and they'll go full screen, although don't expect miracles with quality when enlarged. The videos are mid-range in quality terms, although there's some variance; these are clearly homemade. They are shot in someone's home, and you do get a very British, amateur, enthusiast feel from them. They guys may not be brilliant behind a camera, but what they show and do in front of one works out just fine. Movies run for various lengths of time, some are four minutes, the longest is over two hours, but the norm is around 10 minutes.

There are also 47 picture sets with around 50 pics per set, though numbers vary. There are some good solo poses and action shots to collect, and images are shown in thumbnail pages where pics enlarge to about 679x1024. The quality is fine, though there may be some odd shadows to be seen and some stark lighting, some from the Flash of the camera. Slideshows, through-navigation tools, and zip files are all provided.

Now let's talk about updates. The most recent video was added in 2014, which doesn't speak well for updates, but updates have been happening in the photo section, although not regularly or very frequently. There had been three updates in the previous month, a couple the month before that, and one the month before that. Still, new picture content is being added.

Crossdress Virgins members get access to the Tgirl Pass Network, so you also have more TV and CD sites to check out. These are also amateur sites with more crossdressing enthusiasts getting together to show us exclusive videos and galleries. The tour did also promise user submitted content and profiles, and there may be some of that kind of community action taking place in these other sites. There are certainly more movies and pics to collect, and you can find the sites all listed on one Network page in the members area. You will need your username and password to access them one at a time though as the network is not integrated.

Members of the sites can rate content and make comments on what's on the site, so there is some interactivity. There is also an "add to favorites" function so you can build your own stock of your fave movies and pics. There is also a link to the mobile version of the site, access to which is included with your membership.

The site is not without its issues. Video updates stopped some time ago, and there are no details about the models. While the photo section is still updating, updates are irregular. There is no model index and very little information about movies or galleries. Some of the descriptions for scenes carry links to other, non-included sites, and there are some other ads on the site, too. The quality of movies is mixed, though usually reasonable; full screen on some scenes is not a good idea.

Crossdress Virgins gives us an peek into the private lives of British crossdresseers who share their crossdressing in their own videos and pictures. The content here is amateur in a nice way, though some of the video quality is a bit rough around the edges. But there is a homey feel to the site; the CDs are having fun, and that comes through, and there's both sexy solo and hotter oral and fetish action, not to mention some tranny domination. There are 15 videos to download, stream or view on your mobiles, but the video section isn't updating; there are also 47 photo sets and new pic sets are still being added periodically. You can also enjoy the other nine exclusive sites included with the membership. You don't need to dress up to get into this party, but slipping on some nylons while you watch may boost the thrill.

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