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Crash Pad Series is almost impossible to categorize due to its eclectic selection of performers and pairings. Many of the models are pretty alternative, so expect a variety of tattoos, unusual hair styles, and some interesting piercings. You'll find trans men with pussies who sometimes use super-realistic plastic cocks that blur the line when watching them in action. There are cis women (which means they were born female), some chubby with big, soft breasts, slender chicks with smaller, perky tits, and some who fall in between. There are some performers who are tomboys or butch dykes, but again the line blurs a lot here. Some of the performers are androgynous, some sexually ambiguous, and I believe there are a couple of bigger bear types who might be cis men (but on this site, it's hard to be sure). Expect a variety of races, types, and ages (mostly from early twenties through their thirties).

Unlike a lot of porn sites, you won't find perfect bodies or hair or flawlessly made-up faces. The performers aren't putting on a persona for their videos - unless they're role playing - so you'll find a variety of real people who are enjoying sex rather than career porn stars who spend their weeks at the gym so they can look good on camera. You will, however, find some porn stars including Daisy Ducati (you may know her from her BDSM videos), Jacques LeFemme (who breaks gender barriers), James Darling (sexy trans man), and Nikki Darling (a sexy switch with a number of BDSM vids under her belt). And there's more queer porn stars and enthusiastic amateurs as well.

The pairings here are fun, with lots of very real chemistry between the performers and some real-life couples and friends. Expect strap-on play between two women or a trans man and a woman, passionate kissing, toe sucking and foot worship, both female and man pussies getting licked and fingered, a little fisting, some bondage and that's just for starters. You'll find performers using vibrators and dildos on their partners and themselves, hard fucking using plastic cocks that strap on, and there are some very sexy solos from horny babes and trans men who are turned on by being filmed while bringing themselves to orgasm.

The site revolves around a "queer sex cult classic" movie called - unsurprisingly - "The Crash Pad." This site continues the story about a secret apartment in San Francisco where the person who has the key can use it seven times, each time living their wildest fantasies. After the seventh use, they pass the key on. Pink and White Productions director, producer and founder Shine Louise Houston appears as "The Keymaster." She's also the director of the movie the site is based on, and is the several-time winner of The Feminist Porn Award. And I believe she directs some or all of the scenes in this site.

Crash Pad Series offers 208 DRM-free videos, most of which are full scenes plus a few compilation videos. The videos are each available to download in a single size and format; the newer videos are offered in MP4 format at from 720x405 to 1280x720 at fairly good to good amateur quality while older videos are offered in QuickTime and are sized at 760x427 at amateur to fairly decent amateur quality. Each vid can also be streamed in MP4 format at around 876x500, and while full-screen mode is available, some videos fare far better than others when enlarged. The newer downloadable videos and the streaming videos should play fine on most mobiles. The site also lists 16 "feature films," some of which have scenes or clips that are available in the episodes, but I believe some of the feature films have content not included in the episodes.

Each episode (but not the compilations) come with a set of pictures. Some are good amateur quality digital stills sized at up to 1000x1500 while others are average quality, sized at 600x400. The pic sets are offered in galleries and pic-to-pic navigation is available; photos can be viewed as hands-free slideshows or downloaded individually, but there are no downloadable zip files available. The smaller pics are enlarged on the pages, so may appear to be lower quality than they are at their original sizes; if you download them or view them at their original size, they look better. Each model also has a small set of pics, as well as a profile, something about their turn-ons and more info about them in their own words.

All the episodes (but again, not the compilations) come with behind-the-scenes videos. These include interviews, often shot right after the scene ends, and we sometimes hear from the director or producer, learn about the plot and the shooting of the video, and sometimes there are outtakes as well. If you enjoy the performers and the episodes, the behind-the-scenes vids are an absolute must-watch. The site also has a blog where you'll find sex advice and info plus site and industry talk. Unlike a lot of sites, these are good reads, and there are also a few cute, sexy animated gifs of the performers. One more cool feature the site offers is periodic live streams of their porn shoots. I'm not sure how frequent these are, but at the time of this review the next scheduled live stream was in 11 days.

There wasn't much I didn't like about this site. It's well organized, there's lots of info about the videos and the performers, it looks nice, and it's got personality. There are a few things worth mentioning, though. First is that there's no dates on the updates and there's no schedule, so there's no way to know how often the site updates. When browsing the episodes, it would be nice if the default order was newest to oldest. Last, I would have preferred all the downloadable videos be offered in MP4 as it's the most mobile-friendly format. And I found one video that wasn't working, but I reported it so hopefully it will be fixed.

Crash Pad Series is one of my new favorite sites. The performers are a great mix of sexy alt babes, trans men, tomboys, and butch dykes, and in many cases they - and the action - defy gender roles. The sex is very hot, probably because director Shine Louise Houston believes that letting the performers do what turns them on is what makes the hottest porn, and after watching some of these videos, I agree. There are 208 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and each episode comes with a set of pics and a behind-the-scenes video. I'm not sure about update frequency, but I love the model index, the blog and almost everything about this site. If you're looking for a mix of lesbian and FTM sex, Crash Pad Series is one site I have no problem recommending enthusiastically.

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