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Colby Jansen is a masculine, beefy and tattooed hunk with a rugby build featuring thick thighs and a meaty ass, and yes, he does play the sport. He's handsome with a full beard and keeps his body natural with a furry torso and untrimmed pubes. He tops more often, but he also bottoms. Colby made a name for himself as an exclusive performer for where he filmed several dozen scenes. He left the studio early in 2016 and has been busy filming videos for his own site. Colby's Crew launched in November 2016 and so far I'm liking what I see. Join me while I check out Jansen's new site.

Jansen doesn't appear in every scene, but he is in nine of the videos so far, and these scenarios, as well as many of the others, are pulled right from Jansen's sexual fantasies. The site is billed as "Best Gay Porn with Gay Porn Stars", and most of the guys are well-known performers like Brandon Jones, Bravo Delta, Alexander Gustavo, Hans Berlin, Gabriel Clark and Jack Hunter. There are other lesser-known performers and some I haven't seen before.

The guys are a mix of gym-fit jock types like Kyle Kash with his toned body and Samuel Stone's chiseled physique. Most of the performers are wearing facial hair, and some of the men are sporting hairy bodies, as well; guys like daddy Max Sergent or Spencer Whitman. The performers range from the early twenties to their thirties. Each guy has a profile page with some detailed stats, his preferred position, turn-ons and turn-offs, and each guy talks a bit about their favorite fantasy.

All the action here is hardcore duos; there are no solos or threeways - not yet, anyway. The videos feature porn hunks sucking and fucking in various homelike settings: living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and in the shower. Some of the scenes begin outdoors; an unsuspecting gardener played by Brandon Jones is being watched as he does his yard work. Armando de Armas finally invites him inside for a drink of water and a gulp of dick. Colby Jansen plays a rugby coach giving Casey Everett some private instruction on the sport, which of course includes a deep ass drilling outside on the grass. A couple of other guys fuck in a locker room and two more go at in a gym.

In "The Delivery Boy" Alexander Gustavo is trying to deliver a package, but the homeowner isn't answering the door. And that's because Ezekiel Snow is lying on his bed jacking his big bone, as Gustavo sees when he peeks through the window. Gustavo knocks on the glass and Snow waves him inside. Alexander sets down the package and asks, "Is there anything else I can help you with, Mr. Snow?" (Haven't we all had this fantasy?) Ezekiel doesn't even stop stroking his long dick; he waves Gustavo to the bed and the delivery boy provides some extra special customer service.

Colby's Crew offers 25 exclusive, DRM-free videos, four more than when the site launched a month ago. The videos are available in streaming MP4 format in five sizes but six different bitrates. The smaller sizes range from 256x144 to 856x480, and there are two high-quality bitrate versions that both play at 980x550. The videos are well-lit, good quality productions, and there should by sizes to play fine on your mobile devices. You can stream the videos on the site as is or you can use the full-screen mode, and most of the videos fare well, but there are no downloadable versions included with membership. More about downloads shortly.

Each video has a corresponding picture gallery, and these are digital stills. You can view the pics on the site and browse through them individually or use the hands-free slideshow. They are resized to fit in your browser, but you can get full-sized images by downloading any of three zip files. The pictures display at 682x1024, 720x1080 or 1066x1600, and they are generally good quality although some seemed a little over sharpened. Each set has between 40 to 60 pictures.

You can watch the Colby's Crew videos in two different ways. One is a streaming-only membership that gives you unlimited viewing but doesn't include downloads. If you prefer, you can buy credits in any number of different packages from 15 to 90 tokens and redeem them to download scenes that cost five tokens each. You can buy credits without being a member if you prefer.

But this bring me to the first problem: if you have purchased a streaming membership, there's no way to buy scenes on the fly; you have to log out and buy tokens separately and then select the scene you'd like to download. It'd be nice if there was a mechanism right inside the streaming membership where you could buy a download by simply clicking a "Buy this scene" button. Or better yet, just include downloads with the membership.

I love Colby Jansen's new site, but there are a couple of things I need to talk about aside from the download issue I just talked about. There's an Upcoming Video section on the tour previewing the next video, but there's no release dates shown. Most of the videos are full scenes, but three episodes were labeled "part one" although each of these ends with both guys shooting their loads, so the scenes themselves are complete and appear to be a part of a larger multi-part story with different guys. Last, members are automatically signed up for the email list as they join the site, and there's no way to opt out when joining.

There's a Colby's Corner on the tour where you can watch a brief video featuring Colby talking about the site. He asks us to send in our fantasies and he'll try his best to incorporate them in future videos. Curiously, this isn't available in the member area. So there are a few bugs to work out.

Colby's Crew offers 25 exclusive videos of Colby Jansen and his pornstar buddies sucking and fucking with some creative storylines, but nothing that bogs down the action. They're mostly scenarios right out of Colby's fantasies whether he's in the actual scene or not. But he is featured in 11 of the site's 25 videos so far, which means that fans will have lots of opportunity to watch their favorite rugby hunk. I was pretty happy with the site and the variety of guys Colby has selected to perform here, and I look forward to watching the site grow.

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