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CocoBoyz offers a sexy collection of amateur black, Blatino and Latin guys in original solo and action movies and galleries. The guys are smooth, some gay and some straight; they're a heady mix of cute and street-wise, toned and slim charmers, as well as some thug bad boyz. All shades of black and brown are covered with some very dark-skinned guys starting us off and leading all the way through lighter mocha and then to the lighter Latin lads. Tight butts, good physiques and full nuts abound as the models show us their impressive dicks, both soft and hard. I know it's a cliché, but you can't talk about ebony guys without talking about cock size, and there are some ten-inchers and above in this collection – big black cock fans are going to be thrilled.

The guys range in age from 18 to their mid-twenties, and some have some pretty interesting porn names: Constructor, Imagination and Player are there alongside Freaky Kurt, Pantera Negra and Shine as well as the aptly named Cockasauris. Checking out where some of the guys were from I found models from places as far apart as the Dominican Republic, Arkansas, Brazil, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Most of the videos feature the guys doing slow strips as the camera explores their bodies, and then they jerk off standing up or lying down. There are some hardcore scenes, as well, where two guys will suck and fuck, and parts of these were pretty erotic and sensual, but the majority of content here is all about you watching your chosen ebony dude as he manipulates his cock to a creamy explosion. You might find some interracial action between a Latino and a black guy and you're certainly going to find a lot of variety in the settings.

The 373 exclusive CocoBoyz movies are offered in WMV or QuickTime format; some have both options while others have only one or the other. Sizes are available at 480x360 and 320x240, which is a fairly small, so full screen is not really an option. These are amateur productions with the quality ranging from fairly good to decent depending on the age. The sound is a bit rough but is also natural, and file sizes are not huge so you can download quickly enough. Lighting is generally okay, but there are exceptions.

I have a modern video player that has never failed me until now. I couldn't stream the videos and got a "plugin not supported" message when I tried to stream them in WMV format, and in QuickTime format, the streaming links downloaded automatically with no capability of watching them online. So you might need a plugin to get the streaming versions of the videos to play. Movies run from five minutes to 15 or so. There's a small write-up about the guy or scene, but no way to search or filter the content other than to order by (invisible) date and model name.

I found 464 models in the "Our Boyz" section; some had four picture sets while others had a couple. Galleries hold around 80 pics each, though numbers vary, and they come with hands-free slideshows and basic navigation tools. Images are up sized at 700x572 and the quality is generally fine. You can download pics one at a time or there's a zip file to download as well.

CocoBoyz offers 38 black and Latino-themed erotic stories with names like "Thuggin It", "Fucked By Big Black Dude", "Dark Meat" and "First Black Lover". There are also desktop calendars to use as wallpaper, and the funny thing is that although the site doesn't update, these wallpapers are current. There are links to this studio's other sites, but you have to pay for each membership separately. There is a video chat section, as well, but my login didn't work.

The big downside is that the site has not updated in a long time. While there are a dozen more videos that there were two years ago, this company is notorious for recycling content and moving it around from one site to another. There are no actual dates showing on the content, and judging by the video sizes, there's nothing really new here. Also, this site is stuck in a time warp with a terribly outdated design and still uses antiquated video plugins. I was hoping that even if this site didn't add new content, they would at least remaster all the videos to MP4 format as many do, however that didn't happen.

I can't honestly recommend CocoBoyz. While the site offers up a hot mix of black and Latino guys, many with big dicks, the 373 videos are offered at such a small size that they're not really enjoyable on most desktop or laptop computers, and the WVMs won't play on mobiles, either. And since I couldn't get any of the videos to stream, I couldn't even watch them on my cell phone. Add to this that the site doesn't update anymore, and I advise taking a pass and check out this company's other sites like Mix It Up Boy or Papi Cock.

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