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Cock Virgins features porn regulars in scenarios where they portray guys having their first gay experiences, so it's safe to say that at least some of them aren't really virgins. They're a mix of well-known performers, up-and-comers, and guys just breaking into the business. You'll find lots of jocks in their twenties with athletic to well-defined bodies, but there are some slim average guy types as well. The performers here are generally smooth, but there are a few with a bit of body hair or face scruff. I liked most of the men here and found they got me revved up.

Many of the scenarios explore first-time experiences like the football player about to be cut from the team who saves his spot by letting the team captain fuck him. There's the pledge desperate to join the fraternity who bends over for one of the frat members. Or the guy who walks in on his dorm buddy jacking off, so he helps him out with a fuck. Regardless, most of the scenes feature horny guys sucking and fucking and blowing their wads together; most of the sessions here are duos but there are nine featuring three or more guys and eight solos with guys jacking off.

A lot of videos have a locker room or collegiate themes like guys fucking in the changing room or the showers or guys blowing each other in their dorms or classrooms. A couple of the newest scenes feature a guy in his early twenties with a bearded, mature man, in one case as a teacher and in the other as a buddy's dad. My particular favorites are the groups scenes, each with three or four guys having jack-off or dick-size contests or three guys pushing a fourth to his knees in the locker room and jizzing all over him.

Cock Virgins offers 55 exclusive videos that can be downloaded in full HD at 1920x1080 plus six smaller sizes including a couple that should be good for smaller screened devices like cell phones. The videos are good quality, and they can also be streamed in seven speeds that all display at 1170x650. The low speed doesn't give you very good picture quality, although they might look good on phones and smaller tablets, meanwhile the full HD version is very good quality, as are several of the other higher-speed versions. There's a full-screen option and the results depend on the quality you choose, so low isn't very good, but full HD stays sharp and clear.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. The pics look good, sharp and clear and well lit, and they're sized at 1280x1920. They're well-shot to show off the guys. You can view them in thumbnail galleries, navigate from pic to pic, or use the hands-free slideshow, and when it comes to downloading them, you can save individual photos or save entire sets in zip files.

Each video also comes with a good description and a cast listing, and the performer names are linked so you can find more of their scenes. Some of the episodes also have behind-the-scenes reels with guys horsing around and showing their cummy bellies or flicking water at each other in the showers. While there's a list of keywords on each video's page, oddly they're not linked.

Cock Virgins stopped updating in August 2015, however the content is still hot, and members get access to six bonus sites in the Pride Network that gives you access to just over 2,500 videos. Along with Cock Virgins you also get access to Men Over 30 and Extra Big Dicks, which both update weekly; Dylan Lucas updates every couple of weeks, and the network itself has started shooting its own content and updates every other week. Finally, High Performance Men is also included here, but it no longer updates. Still, this adds 10 updates per month total. Also included with membership are Circle Jerk Boys and Boyz Party, neither of which are updating any longer, but they still offer a good number of videos for you to enjoy.

The biggest issue with this site is that it no longer updates. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another site membership if you don't uncheck it. Trial members can stream videos but only full members get access to downloads. Members are automatically added to the email list when joining, but you can unsubscribe later. I was hit by a pop-up when entering the tour and also when exiting the billing page, but both were easy to close. On the tour and the join page, there are claims regarding amount of content and updates that are about the network, not this particular site, and they exaggerate the amount of videos and updates the network offers. Last, four of the links on the right side of the member pages across the top (1-Click Promos, Dating, Live Cams and DVD) are ads.

Cock Virgins focuses on first-time gay sex fantasies with porn performers and guys just breaking into the industry playing the parts of horny first-timers. Most of the action is hardcore sucking and fucking in locker rooms, dorms and more, and there are a decent amount of group sex sessions. The 55 videos are good quality and can be streamed, downloaded, or viewed on most mobiles. And the collegiate themes are horny situations that we've all fantasized about at one time or another. I was disappointed that the site no longer updates, and I'd say that Cock Virgins biggest draw is the bonus access to six additional sites in a network of over 2,500 videos, which makes membership a very good value.

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