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If you find yourself remember "the good ole days" or "remember when" when you talk about gay sex videos, then you might want to check out Classic Gay Porn. It's a video-on-demand theater that will take you back to the golden age of gay porn, a time before men shaved their bodies and trimmed their pubes. I saw movies there that were produced in 1984, when I was still in university, and 1988 when I was just making my way into the working world. There were plenty of titles filmed in 1980, and I even saw one movie from 1976! This is going to be a fun look back at gay porn history, so why don't you join me while I check out this site.

Remember Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Jack Wrangler, Skip Davidson, Rick Donovan, Chad Douglas and Lee Ryder? They're all here. So are so many others from years gone by. Although the 1980s is when I first started watching gay porn, it was harder to come by. I remember fleeting moments in sleazy porno theaters in New York City or occasionally ordering expensive VHS tapes from some far off place, but back then most of my porn came in the form of magazines. So I remember a lot of faces that I'm seeing on Classic Gay Porn, but I didn't know their names.

Because the classics collection here spans a couple of decades, there are all kinds of guys with a variety of looks from 1970s guys with sideburns and mustaches to European studs from famed 1980s porn director Jean-Daniel Cadinot and so on. Bijou Classics is one of the main companies represented here, and they're well known for bringing back many of the videos from an era when we watched our porno in movie theaters and then on our televisions using VCRs.

As far as sex goes, jerking off, sucking and fucking is all here with one main distinction - most of these are pre-condom classics. This was an era before the term bareback was coined - raw was how men fucked back then. But one thing that hasn't changed is that the men in classic gay porn got off anywhere and everywhere just like porn hunks do today. So you'll find lots of bedroom and living room sex, men fucking in bars and sex clubs, toilet and warehouse sex and lots of outdoor action. And just like the Village People, there are lots of men in uniforms - cowboys, soldiers, cops and leather men - fucking alongside the whole denim crowd.

Classic Gay Porn is a theater in the Sureflix pay-per-view network, so you can browse and use your credits on all 43,431 scenes from 9,687 DVDs. But if you're looking specifically for Classics, there are 1,264 scenes from 303 movies in that section. There's also a pre-condom section with 179 movies and 785 scenes, but most of these are also in the Classic category.

I rented one scene from a movie called "Junior Cadets" that features eight scenes of guys in their twenties sucking and fucking at military college. I had forgotten that pornos had soundtracks back then with cheesy music instead of moaning and groaning. The movie played at 526x396 in a pop-up window and was pretty decent quality considering it's 40 years old. I was pretty impressed - I've seen some modern day movies that look as if they were filmed through a paper bag. When I enlarged the viewing window, the movie played at 1038x780 and was still fairly good picture quality. There's also a full-screen mode and the results vary.

The movies stream in Silverlight, and the player has a lot of features. If you don't have it, it's easy enough to download and install and it's free. When you play a movie, the system automatically detects the best bitrate for your set-up, and there are usually four to five to choose from, so you can override the auto selection and choose the bitrate you'd like. Finally, because there's a lot more than just classic porn here, you'll find that the newer videos default at around 640x480 and enlarge to as big as 1384x784.

The site doesn't include downloads; instead you rent scenes or DVDs using prepaid viewing packages that cost anywhere from $10 to $100. The scene rentals run from $2.89 to $3.29, but some might be a little more or less; you can also rent full DVDs for around $10 to $12. The rental period is for 24 hours, but Sureflix has a stream-to-own option, so for a couple of extra bucks the scene stays on your account so you can watch it whenever you want. There are three images for each scene to help you preview the action, but these don't enlarge and there are no picture galleries.

The Sureflix network has a lot of different ways to find the kind of men and action that you're looking for. There are several dozen categories that let you find Asians, jocks, twinks, daddies or bears (and lots of other types) or you can click preset categories that bring you outdoor sex, fucking, BDSM, uniforms -almost anything you want, really. The studio and model names are linked, so you can find more from your favorite producer, director or performer. And there's a free-form search box. But there's no way to search both a category AND classic nor can you only browse stars who appear in classic titles, so unless you browse the Classic or Pre-condom sections, most of the listings are for more modern porn.

Are there are any other downsides here? Yes, a few. I wasn't thrilled to see that purchased credits are only valid for six months, so if you don't use them they disappear. Also, that stream-to-own option only works if you continue to buy viewing time at least once every six months - otherwise those stream to "own" videos are deactivated. When you sign up you'll want to look for the pre-checked offer that refills your wallet whenever it's depleted. If you don't want the option, it's easy enough to uncheck. And there are two pre-checked email offers on the join page, but if you're not interested, it's easy to uncheck them.

Classic Gay Porn has a decent collection of 1,264 streaming scenes from a gone-by era and I was thrilled to see many movies that I remembered from gay porn's early years. There were some of the best-known stars and directors, lots of unshaved men with '80s mustaches and lots of hardcore action from before porn had become so mainstream. I don't know how often Sureflix adds more gay porn classics, and I don't think it's on any schedule, but they do add new non-vintage videos almost everyday, so those 43,431 scenes will keep growing. If you want to boogie down with your favorite men from 1980 through the '90s plus plenty of newer porn, Classic Gay Porn is worth a visit.

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