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Class Comics comes to us from talented and well-known erotic artist PatrickFillion. If you're familiar with the work of Patrick Fillion, you probably already know what to expect - gorgeous men with massive cocks, bulging pecs, beautiful asses and rippling muscles including superheroes, demons, aliens and so on. There's even a regular character who's a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Fillion's titles not only have plenty of sex but they also have actual well-written plots and lush backgrounds. As a long-time comic fan, I love his comics and art as well as his website, Class Comics.

Class Comics has quite a lot to offer and has many links and pages to check out. You can browse the site news, check out all of the various very hot characters created by Patrick Fillion over the years, check out all the comic titles and check out the "mini sites" for the various comics. The art here is absolutely top notch - expect professional quality erotic art and you won't be disappointed. As Class Comics isn't actually a subscription website, it does not have a members area. The section we're the most interested in something Class Comics has just recently started offering - the Digital Comics section!

At the present time there are 43 Class Comics titles available for digital download, and these are the full comic books, most of which are between 34 and 44 pages long, offered in PDF format. The Digital Comics come with extras like character bios, pinups, concept sketches and never-before-seen illustrations. Each comic is priced at $3.50, which seems like a reasonable price and is less than the cost of the print comics on the site. An additional discount is available as each time you buy 4 comics the 5th one is free. In case you're wondering what the comics will be like, or want to check out the quality, you can download the Free Sampler. It will give you a very good idea not only of the high quality of the comics offered here, but also the look and feel of their digital comics.

To be able to read the digital comics, including the sampler, you will need at the free verison of Adobe Reader. When your purchase content from the site you are emailed 2 files: A download link to a zip file containing the comics in a .pdc file, which is a protected .pdf file that must be "unlocked", and a download link for a program called Safeguard PDFViewer. This is so you can open and view the content itself. There is also a 3rd file which contains the license to unlock the program. Just double-click on this file and it completes the registration automatically. From there you double-click on whatever scene you wish to view in Adobe Reader and it will open for you.

These comics are of excellent quality and are also large, so they are also large in file size, ranging to as high as 18MB. Since the comics are viewed in Adobe Reader, you can enlarge or shrink them so that they work perfectly with your computer screen and preferences.

The comics you download have no expiration date, and will always be readable as long as you have the files on your harddrive, but you will not be able to print the comics. Each comic is licensed to your computer, and the comics will work in on Window systems and Mac's.

One last thought I had about getting erotic comics in digital form is that it keeps you from having those comics lying around your livingroom. If you have reasons to keep gay adult comics away from prying eyes, and others don't have access to your computer, keeping comics on your harddrive would be a boon to your privacy.

For those who love erotic comics and fantasy art, or are fans of Patrick Fillion, Class Comics digital comics will deliver full comic books with extras directly to your computer. Larger than life characters come alive and draw you into a beautifully realized world of gorgeous men, hardcore gay sex and interesting scenarios. With 43 full comic books to choose from in full color, each with from 34 to over 45 pages each, the price for the comics is very reasonable - and I loved the extras. Whether you love sexy gay toons or are a serious comic lover, Class Comics and their digital comics are something you won't want to miss!

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