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Cindy Delaas is a pretty, fresh-faced trans babe with girl-next-door looks, blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She's European, bisexual, and she's recently launched her own website where she shows off in bikinis, naked and does a little sucking and fucking, as well. She's got a smooth ass and balls, and an uncut cock. Cindy obviously loves teasing for the camera (or cell phone), appearing in selfies as well as pics and video shot by someone else. And one more thing she seems to appreciate is black cock; luckily her neighbor is black, hung and happy to get serviced by his sexy tgirl neighbor.

While there are solos of Cindy showing off for us, let's focus on the duos. In one video, Cindy gets a massage from her black neighbor - he's totally naked and showing his huge, thick cock. The massage itself is pretty hot, but things heat up more as Cindy sucks his massive dick and then gets down on her hands and knees to take that black rod up her ass. There's a bareback video of Cindy getting fucked - possibly by her neighbor again, but the men don't show their faces in these videos. In "My First SexTape Ever" she goes down on another big dick before getting fucked. And in the latest video, Cindy takes on a a big black dick and her ass gets fingered.

Cindy Delaas launched just a couple weeks ago, and so far she has uploaded nine videos for her members. These are available in MP4 format, and they're offered in four sizes for download from 136x240 to 612x1080, so there are sizes for any device from older phones to computers with large monitors. The videos are shot in portrait orientation, which means they are vertical (which happens a lot with selfies), and they're on the narrow side. You can stream the vids in several resolutions. Video quality is average to fairly decent amateur.

There are also nine picture sets. These are average quality digital stills, most sized at 2448x3264 but they resize to fit your browser. Each set has between three and 39 pictures, and while you can't download individual photos, you can save entire sets in zip files. You can also enjoy each set as a gallery or a hands-free slideshow. Some sets are fairly repetitious, and more than half are selfies.

The biggest issue here is probably the size of the site. With nine videos and nine picture sets, it's small, but on the other hand, it launched very recently and so far has been updating frequently. If Cindy continues to update, the site should grow nicely. It's also worth mentioning that some of the videos are short; four of them are under a minute long and three are under five minutes. While there's an "About Me" page, I'd have liked to learn more about Cindy - why did she decide to create this site? Has she ever done a porn video? Is she single? What's her favorite movie and sexual position? Btw, on the tour it's hard to tell that she's a tgirl at all at first glance, and it's not really mentioned nor is her cock shown on the tour.

There are a couple last things. First is the pop-up that says "https://cindydelaas.com wants to show notifications". If you agree, you'll be hit by notifications not just at the time but in the coming weeks and months, so if you're on a shared computer, you might want to select block. Also when you go to the site, there are two check boxes; the second is an email list signup, and you do not have to check it to access the site.

The best things about Cindy Delaas are Cindy herself and the interrcial sex tapes. Cindy is attractive and very sexy with blonde hair, shaved balls and ass, and an uncut cock. She doesn't wear tons of makeup or have huge boobs - she's much less like a porn star and more like your sexy neighbor. A lot of her vids and pics are selfies, and she plays with massive black cock, sucking and getting fucked. The site launched in the last nine days, and it currently offers nine videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. These are vertical videos, btw, offered in several sizes. And there are nine photo sets, as well. So far, updates happen here pretty frequently, so I hope the site keeps that up. In the meantime, the site is small but for $5 for a week, it's worth checking out.

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